Hmm...I owe the Asylum an apology. I made a big deal (and gif) about Thor pulling his huge ass hammer from his coat. However, Wikipedia alerts me to the following regarding Mjolnir.

... (Mjolnir) would be able to strike as firmly as he wanted, whatever his aim, and the hammer would never fail, and if he threw it at something, it would never miss and never fly so far from his hand that it would not find its way back, and when he wanted, it would be so small that it could be carried inside his tunic.

Of course, this is Mjolnir, and not the Hammer of Invincibility spoken of in the movie. However, I'm not that much of a jerk to not admit this is probably what they where going for. At least with the first one. I don't know what the fuck the second one was.

Carry on, Thor.


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