Trumpverse #2 Wee The People

 Welcome to the second installment of  Trumpverse, my attempt to piece together the FEELING of such a time when America...or at least  a small part of it, chose what seemed to be the least qualified and least ethical person as it's worldwide face(who was also broadly connected to the Russian government and everything), from headlines and people's comments.

Why do this? Well, I don't want some jackass historian to later say that people where mesmerized with Trump's message and had no idea what was going to happen. Yes, a significant amount of people were, and large enough for the Electoral college to allow this travesty to go on. But don't you dare say we where fucking all hypnotized!

And yes, the Pro-Trump's people's words are here too. I want you guys to remember what you thought you were getting, and contrasting  with what you're getting.

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