Meanwhile, at the White House...

Trumpverse #3 Treason Season

Things are quite shaken here in the Trumpverse, but sadly a lot of it won't be reflected in this, because while I mean for these to come out in the 11th of the month my HDMI Cable died on me, as it happens.
But what a world huh?  In less than a month Trumpy  tried to overreach his constitutional limits,  showed his dinner guests  documents regarding Nuclear Armament, pissed off our allies and emboldened our enemies. Can he make it to 2020?

Can WE?  It's not yet the 4rth week and every single aspect of Trump's version of America is worst than what we had. Thankfully  big clouds of  impeachment are hovering over  this accursed administration.  It cannot happen soon enough. #Resist

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