On my mind: Batman hulks out, Merida x Violet

I can't write much lately. But I am using free software to create crude animations. Here's some of the ones that are safe for work.

Here's one I've thought about awhile. How fun would it be if Batman suddenly Hulked out in front of Joker? Pretty Crazy, right?
I also made this. I ship this.

From Puerto Rico, regarding "DO SOMETHING"

Hello, Mr Trump:

This is in regards to your request for last week. Rest assured, it may be a week late, but we will do something to aid you in your legal troubles.

We are sending now, from the island, a chopper full of paper towels. I don't know how this helps with a Grand Jury, but it gotta be as useful as it was with our electricity.

We're sending more than that, but let's be frank: your administration was a mess before we got there. We can't DO SOMETHING forever.

P.S. our efforts have greatly helped you, and we give ourselves an A+ in legal defense.

Selling Gourd Masks for Charity(and I'm the cause!)

Hello, guys. Still uh...still devastated, I guess.

But more seriously while I am not the most harmed in this time of crisis in Puerto Rico, I do still have needs. And you could help me.

See, even though we are in a crisis, life isn't stopping. House and utilities(the ones that are left) need to be payed. Other problems, like the rat infestation, also need cash money to solve them.

Usually what I did was, I worked for my father,  a somewhat reknown  Artist in the island, helping him make his trademark gourd masks. He sold this gourds to stores, stores sold them to tourists.

However, the stores are now closed and...well, would you come here for  tourism now?

Now, we do have a backlog of gourd masks and other arts at various states of completion.

So how about this: instead of  me just begging for a money other people need more, I put some of these gourd masks for auction?

You get a nice piece of Puerto Rican Art and the satisfaction of helping a Puerto Rican family if artists, I get to help my family not lose our home to Hurricane The Bank.

Browse the images, and choose one you like. Then bid on it. Free shipping .

I will be adding more as I can. Internet very slow. Charge hard to come by.


Maria wrecked me. Send help.

The strong winds of Hurricane Maria have wrecked the island's infrastructure.  We have no power, no water, and barely internet and radio.

Please send donations to me, specifically, at drawnder@gmail.com and help me and my family, and every dollar is a difference between getting that water and going thirsty. I will try to return to blogging asap, and was even working on a atmnt fangame when the storm hit. Now, please help.

And now, a word from my sponsor

Which means "Watch this vid or go to hell."
I promise you I'll have something about Super Heroes soon.

Bootleg Smash-like! Tooly?

Working on a Smash Clone with my brother. Here's a quick animation test for Tooly's walk cycle.

Trumpverse #5 Sons of Fibberty


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