Naked Batman! 5 facts we'd have to live with if Batman where public domain...

This happened.

The maximum duration of a copyright used to be 56 years.  As we've discussed, this means that everything made before 58 should have reasonably lapsed into the public domain. In Batman's case this means most of his most well known characters and concepts would be available for all to use, free of charge and free of litigation.

I have brought this matter up to fans, and many of them are concerned. They can't even picture a world where you can  go ahead and make your own Batman. As much grief as fans can give companies like DC, many think Batman is rather safe in DC/Warner's hands.

Here's 5 realities of a world where Batman is public Domain.

5) DC still owns real Batman.

Let's face it, guys. We're not talking about a riot where we go into DC's office and rob them of Batman. As the day the first Batman comic goes public domain, this is what you'll have to work with.

He just threw a man by the neck! "Regular Exercise" my ass.
It's gonna take you a couple of years to get to "Batman as we know him" today, and by then the character will already be far, far from that. You get no Batmobile. You get no Batgirl, or Batmite or  Bane. Not for a while.

Nobody still like Jason Todd.

This is Batman and his nu 52 era buddies, some of them with Wikia pages longer than the Bible. By the 2030s all Batman related Wikia pages will have more words than the Bible. You don't get that, not initially. You get the starter Batman: an orphan richboy who wants to punches criminal while dressed vaguely like a bat.

Under previous, you'd already get to adapt this.

DC needn't fear your Batman. Unless...

Let us bring back Public Domain

Now you know who's steering the ship.

We live in an age of unprecedented consumption of media. Creative works have never been so
widely available to access, as well as create. Indeed, the so called Democratization of
tools, and the interconnectedness of this digital age has allowed for a wonderful growth for
both independent creators and large media conglomerates as well.

Sadly, our current copyright laws do not reflect this. Due to awful retroactive tampering
with copyright durations, no creative works will enter the Public Domain until 2033. That's
 19 years, far too long a time, and that's assuming they won't tamper with it again before
that. Copyright law, at it's heart, is meant to help authors support themselves of their
creative works. However, as of now, many works of long-dead authors remain locked behind
doors, sometimes quietly withering away, the creative elements languishing away.

This is why I say all works between 1960 whose authors are no longer living should move to the Public  Domain.

Everybody stands to gain from more works entering the Public Domain. If it wasn't for the
Public Domain we wouldn't have this year's Noah. Or Ben Hur. Or Spartacus. Or The Ten Commandments, with
Charlton Heston. We wouldn't have Dreamworks' Prince of Egypt.

We Wouldn't have Disney's version of Snow White. Or Pinocchio. Or Robin Hood, Aladdin,
Cinderella, The Hunchback of Notre Dam. We wouldn't have Frozen or Tangled, based on "The
Snow Queen" and "Rapunzel", respectively. We wouldn't have Scrooge McDuck!

Worth a 1000 crappy  Christmas Carol retreads.

We wouldn't have the musical Les Miserables. We wouldn't have The Wiz, or Wicked. We
wouldn't have the modern Zombie genre. We wouldn't have American McGee's Alice. Or Tim Burton's Alice. Or The 3 Musketeers. Pick whichever version you like best.

These are all things that things that the Public Domain has given us. What has the Sonny
Bono act of 1998 given us? Nothing. That's not a knock on it. This is what it was meant to
do. I think,  that it is reasonable that works of authors who have passed away
stand to benefit in no way from their works. So I ask you, sign this petition to bring back balance to the Public Domain, which for so many years has been
skewed in favor of big interests. Don't wait for them to make the first move and extend copyright yet again!

Dear Autobots: An intervention

"YOU LIED TO US!" "On our defense, here's an astronaut who traveled all the way to the moon." "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!"

I just want to say, that I love you. Well, not love-love, but I did have a fun time watching your first two movies, even if it doesn't make sense that Megatron can fly to a distant planet in a day. Even if your potty-humor seems entirely out of play and your robots curse. I like you.

I brought you here because I saw your new trailer, and I want to say, you have a problem, and I'm not talking about an in-story conflict that needs resolution to deliver catharsis, either. You see, the theme of this trailer, as it where, is that the U.S. government betrayed you. Or rather, that you betrayed yourselves using the U.S. government.

Because I have seen your movies, and in every single one, the Government of the United Stated has been fucking you up your robot asses, possibly litterally in Bumblebee's case.  In movie one they captured and tortured him in a secret base, after all. In movie two they used you for their own personal benefit, and then failed to assist you when your leader died. In movie 3 they straight up sold you to your enemies.

So when movie 4's trailer indicates that the US is again  hurting you, it's not so much a disturbing scenario, but the 2nd direct to DVD sequel to the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog; no cause for surprise.  Autobots cannot continue to be in this horrible relationship with the American Government. I know that their military resources are necessary to maintain your campaign against the Decepticons (and indeed, the intake of cash of this franchise). Most people in abusive relationships are willing to  stay in them, as long as they don't have to depart certain benefits of them.  But you guys can make it on your own.
Lou Diamond Phillips is now the Frog.

In your cartoons, you guys are perfectly able to fend off most of your enemies most of the time. Maybe the silver lining to staying away form the U.S. government would be that you'd get to be more like that: Maybe this time you'd get to be the heroes of your story, instead of  Shia Lebouf, Josh Duhamel, Jon Voight, Mark Whalberg, and Ednik Stero-type. Maybe next movie we could get a look at how the 'Bots relate to each other.

I cannot continue to watch you hurt yourselfs. Certainly not while paying full price for a ticket. Please. You need help...but you can do this without the air force. We don't want to see Transformers constantly put up with government abuse while in constant admiration of the Armed Forces, Michael Bay  Autobots.

Regarding the Ninja Turtles trailer

I always wondered what bald Whopee Goldberg looks like without hair.

I'll keep it short. There's two kinds of nerd-group reactions to the idea of Michael Bay directing sodomizing destroying annihilating eradicating eviscerating producing  Ninja Turtles movie. One is that, as General Garza from Expendables put it once "is no good". The second is a backlash against the backlash. A lot of us have been around the block plenty to know that us geeks can be a petulant and thankless lot, and some of us are kind of hopeless optimists.
And if you can't trust a fictional hispanic being played by a Bazilian, who can you trust?

This trailer, it is clearly not going to turn most of the General Garza's of the world into ardent supporters. In fact, it neatly matches every half-hearted joke one could make about this franchise in relation to said Bay. In fact, I kind of joked with my brother that, within the first quarter of the trailer Transformers could have popped onscreen and i wouldn't have bat an eyelash.

I'm not even gonna complain about this being bad. I'm just loving how Michael Bay can just match every single criticism we could lobby against his shit. We think we're playing him, but he's playing us. He knows what's up.

First he hits you low with expectation lowering  terrible leaked scripts. Slowly he builds it up with Megan Foxes and a whitewashed Oroku Saki called Erik Sach's.  And then, by the time you're watching one of these gorillas in a half-shell bend a Humvee with his body, it's over: you're just glad they're not aliens.

Michael Bay Joke Punchline  opens this August. Evil remains triumphant.

15 reasons why Christopher Nolan sucks.

After so many years, I have finally made another video. In this one, I denounce the total hackery of one of Cinema's greatest rip-off artists with 15 hard hitting reasons why he should be dragged out in the streets and beaten to within an inch of his life. If your panties aren't already way too tight, click on the vid yo find out.

On an unrelated note, happy whatever day this is.

Top 100 game franchises that need to come back more than Shaq Fu

Pictured here, Yao Ming's grandfather at a recent game.

The news has not escaped me that giant oaf and maybe still Basketball player Shaquille O'Neil has joined forces with a game studio to make a new Shaq Fu game. With players footing the bill, off course. Because, like, Shaq doesn't want publishers getting in there and ruining his artistic vision, probably.
Don't they get it? It's about man's inhumanity to man!

So maybe some of you would consider giving Shaq your money to make a big stupid game starring his big, stupid self. I wouldn't. But  hey, it's just that he ruined one of my favorite Superheroes, insulted my people, and probably eats children in his castle after they climb up the beanstalk.  But besides that, Shaq Fu just doesn't need a remake. Or whatever it is called when you make  a sequel 2 decades after the fact, in a completely diffferent genre, aparently having ditched everything but Shaq's prescence.

You see, I think there is a priority. Not every franchise will get new games, but there are some franchises out there that, by right, deserve to have new games released more than Shaq Fu. Sure, the real punchline is "all of them", but I'll try to keep this small sample list to games that haven't had a new entry in at least ten years, and whose studios are still around to maybe make them. Sorry, Perfect Dark 3 and  Marvel vs Capcom 4. For the record, you do deserve to exist more than Shaq Fu.

1) Valis


2) Comixzone
3) Vectorman
4) Powerstone
5) Mutant League Football
6) Streets of Rage
7) Ristar
8) Freedom Force
Irrational game's is dead. (sniff)

9) Barney's Hide and Seek
10) Dino Crisis
11) Megaman Legends
12) Toki Densho: ANgel Eyes
13) Deadly Arts
14) Shenmue
15) Bad Dudes
16) E.T. the Extraterrestrial
17) War Gods
18) Charle's Barkley's Shut up and Jam!
19) Shadow of The Beast
20) TMNT tournament Fighters
21) Pokemon Snap
22) Mischief Makers


23) Rakuga Kids
24) Vigilante 8
25) Star Wars: Masters of Terras Kasi
26) Ninja Shadow of Darkness
27) Gun.Smoke
28) Kung Fu chaos
29) Acro the Acrobat
30) The Sega Genesis X-Men series
31) Outrun
32) Tetris Attack
33) Brute Force
34) Jet Set Radio
35)Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers
36) Time Killers
37) Chronicles of Riddick
38) Goemon: Mystical Ninja
39) Saturday Night Slammers
Sex doesn't sell, actually.

41) Gargoyles
42) Space Harrier
43) Dr Robotnik's Mean Been Machine
44) Black and White
45) True Crime
46) Phantasy Star, but the real game and not this "online" shit.
47) Blast Corps.
48)  Moon Patrol
Happy Days 2099

Open letter to a black guy dressed as Ryu.

Try some Pepto, man.
Hey, you. Yeah, you. Trust me that if I could reach you through email I could. I recently received you, and your friend's request to take down your picture. I took it down. I have no problems with that.

However, your reasons for doing so make me want to know more about it. Here at BGE, we, and by we I mean I, do not stand for harassment or mockery, and if my posting of the pic contributed to that for some reason, that would be incredibly sad.  I want to interview you on the events that lead you, to request me to take down your picture. I wish we could live in a world where  dressing up as one's favorite character leads to harassment.  Maybe together we can inch our world a little closer to that. Cheers.

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