Homosexualismo, masturbacion, desnudes, sexualidad descarriada...son cosas que se ven en un video musical  de Wisin y Yandel.  Quiero decir, ah, si, la perspectiva de genero es literalmente lo peor que puede pasar en nuestros niños, braaaah! Pero ese dia la maestra no va a ir porque no le pagaron. Proxima pregunta.

Happy 6 year aniversary,! NOW DIE!

6 years ago, in a time of sorcery and brutality, a blog was born. Forged from the fires of nerdery and greed,  it was weaned on violence, and reared by an angry Michelle Rodriguez. This is it's story.

Back, back in the days when Bush was still president, it was the height of my life. I had a cushy minimum day Full-time that merely required me to speak English and watch over paintings. I could even afford to turn down women. Back in those days, I had a dream, to make the greatest comic series of all time. Or the best movies. Or the best videogames. To be quite frank, I don't really remember what I wanted to do. Just that I wanted it bad. So I opened a blog, in order to promote the forgettable thing I was doing at the time.

But soon, "Just promotion" seemed like a very dull use of a Blog. My friend had just introduced me to and I was just way into It soon dawned on me that having an opinion on things could be used to bring joy to people, and maybe make some money.

Since then it's been a weird, wonderful thing. I got to share with the world a bit of me, and my obsessions, and the world got to share a bit of theirs with me. Since I started I changed religion, changed my mind on politics, and  fell out with some family members, but never did I consider never agian blogging.

 But this place has to die.

I've been meaning to  undo this whole thing for years, and always something gets in my way. I'm sick of the black and green. Sick of the disarray.  So, in celebration of 6 years of obssesive blogging, I'm putting to pasture.

But I'm not quitting blogging. Oh, no. I'm just transitioning from to It's a whole new thing. I'm not just going to be harping on news and occasionally promising a work I'll never get done. I will also engage in new forms of  creative writting  and other such processes.  But first, I need a site people might be willing to look at for extended periods of time.

In the future I'm hoping I can also again do more reviews of things, as well. It's kind of difficult now, in my current setup, but I'm hopeful this will also come true. Success is inevitable.

So walkers, keep walking, and make a road as you go. What I will do, from now on, is post about recent events, in Spanish. I know for a fact there's a good spanish speaking audience out there, and they need to be served news just as good as anyone else. So I'm thinking some weekly updates or whatever. It's fine. In fact, this is the last post in English. Follow along to for all your english speaking stuff. Otherwise, quedense aqui que la transicion toma lugar ahora.

Sony pictures planea ofensiva final contra furries, Pelicula de Sonic

Saben que? Yo no estoy en contra de una pelicula de Sonic.  Y en ese sentido no me puedo decepcionar, porque ya la anunciaron.

Pero tambien anunciaron que sera una mescla entre CG y actores en vivo.

Lo voy a poner bien claro: Sonic es un erizo de caricatura, y funciona mejor en mundos de caricatura. No queremos ver a Sonic  corriendo en Nueva York mientras Aaron Taylor lo persigue. Vayanse al carajo.

"Ya encontre a Colitas!"

Mortal Kombat X confirma a Big Daddy con Little Sister, Sadira, True Ogre, y a La hija de Johny Cage

Bueno, no son los personajes mas originales del mundo, pero es un juego de pelea. Hay websites completos dedicados a explicar en detalle de quien y como se copio cada payaso de Street Fighter. Y Mortal Kombat nunca fue precisamente inmune a esto.

Para que quede claro, me agradan Ferra y Torr,  D'vora, Kotal Kahn y Cassie Cage, aunque francamente  nunca me a gustado mucho eso de los hijos de los heroes. El hijo de Ken pasa con ficha hasta que se ponga a pelear. Y despues del ultimo juego, los prefiero mil veces a que traigan de vuelta esos Ninjas Pallette Swap. Pero me gustaban mas aun cuando se llamaban Master Blaster, Sadira,  Ahu Kin y  Jill Valentine. Eso es todo.

El juego tambien promete retomar la historia 25 años despues de el ultimo juego, aunque con su tramolla de viaje en el tiempo no se si se empieza a contar despues de  todos murieron,  o desde el pasado en que Syndel limpio el piso con los heroes. 

Resumen Del Lunes 12/5/1014

Era ver esto, o Pocahontas. Si tuviera que tomar la decision otra voy con Pocahontas.

Los Power Rangers vienen con una nueva pelicula, en un mundo que ya tiene a Pacific Rim, la mejor pelicula de todos los tiempos. Esto no esta abierto al debate.

No hay noticias de cual serie se Sentai les hara la mayoria del trabajo.

La Liga de la Justicia por fin viene. Aquellos que dijeron que preferirian esperar 7 años por una pelicula mejor a la que el Director de Happy Feet rezen...que yo no los encuentre. La pelicula aun tiene a Henry Cavill como Superman, Ben Affleck como Batman, Gal Gadot como Wonder WOman y a otros que no me importa. A nadie le importa Cyborg, DC!

Creo que estan cometiendo un error. Superman deberia ser el Israeli, aqui. Digo, si lo ven a tener haciendo el papel de Moisesus en cada pelicula, pues que se tiren Judio.

Si, en la nueva pelicula tambien.

Ah, la pelicula? Nada, va a estar buena, pero mucha gente se va a quejar de lo cortos de los pantalones de Wondy y de  que Superman estrujo mucho a un criminal. Ironicamente Superman no puede ganar.

Aparentemente hay mucho interes en el titulo de la nueva de Star Wars, que podria ser "The Ancient Evil".
Aquaman mira con ojos envidiosos a Flash. "C-List....algun dia yo tambien lo sere"

Pero espera! Tambien podria no serlo! Que vamos a hacer si no sabemos el titulo de una pelicula que ahora fue que empezo a filmar? Volver a bajar Episodio 3?
Batman PODRIA estar guiando este carro

Ya esta disponible el trailer de Gotham, la serie que trata con el comisionado Gordon antes de que Batman estuviera por ahi.. Me suena a Smallville. Yo creo que van a llegar a la temporada 10, y ya va a haber salido Bane y Poison Ivy y Robin mientras Bruce Wayne todavia no sale de la highschool.

Gracias a Warner por complir con el pacto que mantiene a la sociedad unida: Que nunca debe haber menos de 5 productos de Batman in pantallas o en desarrollo.

The Big "When does this go Public Domain?" Post

Mr Burns and Smithers representing the current way copyright and  authors are related.

Copyright; a temporary exclusivity on the distribution and reproduction of a work. A privilege, meant to aid authors and owners be more confident that their works will grant them income during their lifetimes. Maybe when it was instituted at a constitutional level they weren't thinking of sending kids to jail for having Niki Minaj  mp3s or stopping churches from unauthorizedly showing The Messenger without permission from  a company, or keep kids from singing High School Musical songs on they're own high schools, but what are you going to do?

If this makes me a copyright breaker, then I don't want to be nothing else.

After works stop belonging to Warner or whatever, they enter the public domain, a healthy 95 years after their initial publishing. I...think it should be a little less. If you agree, well, go ahead and sign my petition. Meanwhile, we must continue to live in the world where it takes nearly 100 years for works to become public domain. Why don't we check out when some of todays most influential works will enter public domain, according to today's law?

Now, here's my fair warning: unless I say so, this only accounts for the first appearance of the thing. For example, if I say Men in Black, all that enters PD is the initial movie. It'll take 5 years after that for MIB II, and ten years after that for MIB III. So if you use any elements from MIB III, say, the film's villain Boris, or the idea that Kay met Jay as a kid, in the date I give you, you're gonna get sued. I'm only giving you the date for Men in Black 1. Mind you, there's also a MIB cartoon, derived from the movies, and an MIB Malibu comics, which are now owned by Marvel, which inspired the movies. I can't cover every little thing. 
You can do better than this.

Because of this, I invented the Public Domain calculator. You just choose the year of publication, and it automatically shows you when the stuff will go public domain in the states. Want to know when you can use Batarangs, Buffy's sister Dawn, or That Old Strategy RPG Only YOU Remember? Well, give it  a whirl. You can even see when it would have gone  had the law not been changed, if you like indignation as much as I do.

Everyone else, here's a breakdown on when the most popular things today* go PD.  Read it and weep.

Announcement: Moongirl Web-story

HI Pradokshawn baloos!

Since my last book has been such a roaring success, I'd like to announce a new one. An origin tale for mermaid hating, ass stomping, help-punching golden age heroine Moongirl.

Moongirl's been an obsession of mine for far too many years.  Her comics where a pain in the ass to find, only even available in a big honking collection of other EC comics. And She's basically  got a lot of the basic stuff you'd think would make her a "good" modern superhero. And to be sure, she had some reboot comics. But my take is different. And also, my take is a book, because I have no means to put together a movie, or comic or theater musical.

Why am I making a Moongirl book? Well, I want to make a Wonder Woman movie, and as I kept contracting my ambition I somehow ended with a Moongirl book. I'm  putting out the story in small, easypay chapters in some website, and then, finally putting out a collected book. I'd probably want to get the whole story down first, though.

Episodes 1-3 are now available. In them you will meet Moongirl, the young princess from another dimension, Jack Diamond, a government agent with a dark secret, Lurani, a witch who can enslave magic creatures, and Satana, the devil herself in the form of a woman.

Look for that later this year.

Titles be hard, yo.

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