Finded Lyrics: Primal Dance

More Primal Rage! Here are the lyrics to Primal Dance.

I like this one. It's  about how you picked Vertigo and cleared the game.

There is  risk
To your life
But to win
You've  got  to fight

Feel the thunder
Hear them roar
Once you taste it 
You'll  be coming back for more

Feel the Thunder
You want more
You'll  be dancing a primal floor
Once the rhythm 
Meets your fists 
You'll  be adding your name to the list

There is risk
To your life
But to win
You've  got to fight

Feel the thunder
Hear them roar
Once you taste it
You'll  be coming back for more

When the continents redivide 
You'll  be ruler of the other side
Let your people 
Dance and sing
You have conquered
And you will be the queen

  Feel the Thunder
Hear them roar
You'll  be dancing on a primal floor

When the battle 
Rules the Urth
Feeling primal feel the rage

Have the rhythm a primal floor
You want more 
Feel the roar
Domination is the game
You can win 
Stake your claim

Hear them roar
You'll  be dancing  on a primal floor
It's  the rule
 So's The game
 You can win
Stake your claim

Finded Lyrics: Rock and Rage

 You'd  be forgiven   for assuming  Primal Rage was pretty popular on it's  day. What with it being ported to pretty much every console made before  2000 that wasn't  N64 and all.

The Dinosaur Mortal Kombat Klone lacked in easilly executable commands it made up for in tenacity, as it had a huge push, including, it turns out, a CD of remixed game music! With lyrics and stuff!

But as I searched the lyrics and couldn't  find them I decided to be the change I was waiting for and get at least some of them out. So here's  Rock and Rage, about being a huge ragemonster!

(Note: Yes, it's part of the mythos that they always write Earth stupid like that.)

I wanna rock
 I wanna rage 
I wanna rock and roll all day
 I wanna fight
 I wanna play
 I wanna rage all day

 Rising from the ruins of Urth we conquer
 Fire as rain is falling from the sky 
Find the ethical approach to slaughter 
Kill them! Eat them! Conquer! Or you'll die! 

I wanna rock 
I wanna rage
 I wanna rock and roll all day
 I wanna fight 
I wanna play 
I wanna rage all night all day
 Powered by a passion pure and primal
 No room left on Urth for civil lives
 We just have to fight for our survival
 Kill them! Eat them! Conquer! Or you'll die!

 I wanna rock
 I wanna rage
 I wanna rock and roll all day
 I wanna fight
 I wanna play
 I wanna rage all day 

I wanna rock
 I wanna rage
 I wanna rock and roll all day
 I wanna fight 
I wanna play I wanna rage all day

 I wanna rock 
I wanna rock
 I wanna rage
 I wanna rage 
I wanna fight
 I wanna fight 
I wanna play
 I wanna play

 I wanna rock
 I wanna rage
 I wanna rock and roll all day
 I wanna fight
 I wanna play
 I wanna rage all day all night All day

The Incomplete Fighting Game Engine for Gamemaker is released!

If I was a graphic artist, I'd be a graphic artist, ok?

If you follow me(and don't. I can SEE.) you know I've been trying to get a fighting game going for a long, long time.

Today that day still far away.   Like, I'm only one man and I spe d a lot of time I could spend on the project worrying about life and fighting the President. Not like, physically fighting, but...ugh.
I actually vocalize like "If X es igual a Colbo.X..."

Anyway I'm feeling generous right now. So I'm taking my progress so far and I'm giving it to you...the the form of a GMZ file full of notes on what a
I'm doing and how I'm doing it. Here's link

Here's what you have so far


Walking forward and Back








And Screaming

Ok, those last 3 are a joke.

So if you, like me, wanted to make a fighting game in GM , now you don't have to start from 0.

Wonder vs Capture Proof of Concept!!!

They're wings, guys. It's the Raven.

So I sure haven't been posting a lot since The Hurricane. There are a few reasons for that. Like, obviously he hurricane didn't leave me exactly intact. Also, I have been having lots of personal problems and my life basically sucks now more than before the hurricane. And certainly it's hard to get in the mood when you read about the state of the world.

But the main (and I guess less depressing) reason is because I've been hammering away at the fighting game project I told you about.

For those who don't know it was my plan to make a  tag team fighting game using heroes from the public domain, with Gamemaker, which was donated by a Roberto Ledesma  after the 2nd PR Gamejam in 2016 ( the third was cancelled because we had a fucking hurricane.). Since we got the power back I've dedicated any time  not spent despairing into this baby, and I finally got something to show. Click here to DL!

Now, I am not deluded. This isn't even actually playable and the graphics are not gonna be this .  A lot of the moves that are there have no effect (but not because I can't give it an effect, but because I'm trying to implement a hitbox system and I don't want to deal with that NOW.) I'm not showing you this barely functional  thing because  I believe it's impressive, but to prove that I'm not just a guy with a bunch of ideas, but a guy who can start coding them and indeed already has.

See, since last time I'm still hunting for other people to join this project. I figure there's gotta be somebody out there that likes fast fighting 3 on 3 tag team action ,ya know? The plan is to eventually get to some kind of crowdfunding so there's that.

So this proof of concept includes 10 characters, with special moves and Unique Assists. Unique assists are moves that can only be performed as assists, giving you more incentive to find different  combinations and teams based not only on what they can bring to the fight on point, but also as assists.

Comet is probably the most basic character I could think of. He can shoot a beam in nearly every direction and can also dash in nearly every direction.

Unique Assist: Sniping(not yet fully implemented)

Spider Queen: Spider Queen has several moves to trap her opponent in webbing, as well as climbing up walls.

Unique Assist:  Poison Dart
A small dart that causes poison status in the opponent.

Captain Warvel
This character has thunder based attacks and can even turn into a small child briefly.

Unique Assist Upsy Daisy
Warvel  throws the player character towards the opponent.

This character wields a magic sword and shield, and can deflect projectiles.

Unique Assist: Shieldbuster
This move is a short dash that is unblockable.

Iron Maiden:
Iron Maiden's main move is Power loader, which  depending on the directon you press can  change to change various other moves

Unique Assist: Homing attack. An attack that turns your opponent into a homie. Na, jk.

Black Dragon:
Besides having two kinds of projectiles so far, BDrags has a nasty dash attack and stomp.

Unique Assist: Stolen Chi
He actually uses the players life to raise the superbar.

Blue Bolt:
Bolt is a videogame character. In-story. So he has a main attack which involves basic projectiles but he can change it to shoot other kinds of attacks if an item for it appears. He can also dash across the screen on a board. He can also bounce off of your head, Mario style.

Unique Assist: Homing Attack
A dash move  where BBolt flies toward the opponent. Unimplemented.

Sivana:A little inventor, Sivana uses her inventions to substitute for her lack of build. She can manipulate rocks to fall on the opponent as well as use a dash attack.

Unique Assist: Power Inhibitor
It cancels the opponents ability to execute specials and supers.

But not like MARVEL'S Daredevil. I'm still unsure if I'm gonna chicken out on the actual name. He's got a few wallbounce moves as well as a variety of boomerangs

Unique Assist: (uninplemented.)

Nightmare is a grappler. by holding and then releasing the special attack buttons he can do devastating throw. He's also meant to have a spin attack and a projectile.

Unique Assist: Helleport
He disapears and appears attacking at the opposite edge of the screen, attacking.

So besides that there's some things here that arn't necessarily gonna come intuitively to you. They are as follows.

Angel Dashing: By pressing back then forward while jumping you can fly in the general direction of your enemy.

Unjump: By pressing down, down while jumping you can accelerate your fall towards the ground

Assist Change: By  pressing and holding a tag button you can change the assist types of your partners.

Combo Breaker: Pressing the attack button your opponent is using during a combo can result in a combo breaker.

by holding kick and power together (Z and X) you can  perform a retcon which temporarilly changes various stats in exchange for meter. Right now most changes do nothing and the input is not exactly final version but you know.

Hypermoves: Hypermoves aren't a thing yet but I already putted the imput. Just press punch and power(A and S) and uh...I think it freezes sometimes

melee attacks:
I mean, most fighting games have them, but they work a little different than in most games. You have 3 main attacks for each melee button(A and Z). To do the strong attack, push forward and punch/kick. To do the middle attack, press back.

Or, you can also do a magic series by chaining a quick hit first.

Modes to try!

Arcade mode
 Arcade is pretty basic. There is unique boss dialogues if you can slog through it.

Besides the basic arcade mode, I am planning on adding various stories to play through,  fleshing out the world and also the characters.

Vs mode
Nothing special. Just fight each other and see which one's won most.

Training: It's training, perfect to test out all those moves the deep AI in arcade won't let you.

Custom Palettes: You can't really TAKE the palettes to the fight itself yet, but you can have fun messing with the colors

So, if you are interesting in helping this endeavor, I kinda do need an artist, an animator, and a music composer. And money. me at if you think this all sounds right up your alley.

Wakanda is America? Big Red Circle Take

Bald Black Women stand with spears in an ornate palace. If you're sightless and  reading this please let me know. I just found out that this is for you and not an extra place to put in a joke.
Mr Saturday Movies they call me.

Allegory is hard. Just ask that movie about how Black people are discriminated against because they sided with The Dark Lord 2000 years ago, and that is also why Jews run the world.

But political messages are hard, yo know, in a general sense. I mean, if you say maybe government should butt out of your ghost busting business, obviously people who don't agree might sour on your story, and if you say perhaps , that society may be better overall if men can finally learn to express ourselves and not follow a line of thinking in which you create a terrorist group, some people might read it as "yeah, I should totally create a terrorist group! This line of thinking is great!"

So, when Black Panther started getting positive word of mouth, and positive perception in the Black and Not-Fucking-Racist demographics, some...Fine People...decided to get out ahead on it. Knowing that "Aaaaah! The Blacks!" doesn't work as well as it used to, they tried a little  Aikido: to say that Wakanda is, in fact, a place after their own heart. Wakanda is Alt-Right, even, according to them.

After all, a quick reading of the Wikipedia for Wakanda, the fictional African nation that Black Panther inhabits,  you can see the resemblance. It is Isolationist, arguably an Ethnostate. Many even critiqued how it was an advanced and resource rich place that didn't help the sorrounding countries.

But the writers and director seemed to have gotten even more ahead of said critiques. Spoilers for Black Panther follow.

But you're knee deep into my thinkpiece, you know? You had to decide that earlier.

Wakanda being isolationist and not helping the world, especially not helping the beat up continent that is it's home, is not only addressed in the story, it IS the damn story.
It's a picture of Killmonger, in a garden, shirtless.
"Time for some White Genocide up in this piece.  Turn Lara Croft  into a Black!"

King T'Challa, fresh off fighting a fanfic character in a story vaguely based on a story by Mark Milar, is the newly minted king of Wakanda after his father is killed. But unknown to him the villains Killmonger and Ulyses Klau have designs to destroy him. Klau is notorious for sneaking into Wakanda to steal vibranium, the miracle metal that powers this civilization, for Killmonger's father, a Wakandan spy that meant to use the technology to right the wrongs the White People have done on, whom the dead king killed in the confrontation. Killmonger grew bitter at his father's death and at, well, knowing he deserved more than to be a poor Black boy in America.

Wakanda faces immediate criticism from Nakia, Black Panther's also spy love interest, as well as BP's best friend who really wants revenge on Klau. The Jabari Tribe, who seem to be sort of outcasts within the enclave, also  have grievances with the way things are run.

Eventually, Killmonger defeats BP in ritual combat, claiming for himself the throne and immediately launching of into an even more extreme, more advanced  version of  his father plans, a full on invasion of the world using the advanced technology.  And  he also quickly proves that he's not gonna be a nice king either.

After Killmonger is defeated,  and an enormous civil war is ended, T'Challa opens the doors of Wakanda to all (Black?) outsiders, and begins using it's resources to help the world.

You see, what many, on both sides of the racism side, assumed was that because this was a fantasy movie set in fantasy Africa made by an African American  director, that Wakanda was here to answer the question if a Wakanda would be good, and answer it with a resounding yes.

If you assumed that and also where a huge racist trying to gain Nazi points for harshing everyone's mellow, it makes sense you would also be able to do so by pointing out a Wakanda would be bad. But Wakanda was not a statement on Wakanda itself. Wakanda is America.

A prosperous  yet flawed place ruled by people who want to do the right thing, which is not easy because there is no agreement on the right thing. Do they  get involved and risk the consequences? Do they just stay put and look out for those within?
It's a shirtless Chadwick Boseman staring at assorted Africans standing in rocks
It even has a dumb way of choosing it's leader!
 And the movie seemingly comes down with "get involved but to help, not to bully everyone." The movies main plot eventually comes down to Killmonger, who is a creation of both Wakanda's involvement and (mostly) it's apathy towards the rest of the world. To say that America's involvement and (mostly) it's apathy toward the rest of the world has created some of it's enemies is an understatement.

Killmonger's entire plan to use the country's vast resources to "fix" the world, a world that, for the record, really IS that messed up, is in essence wrong not because what he sets out to do is wrong, but because it represents the violent kind of interventionism that always further complicates matters and hurts more people in the long run, Wakanda's own invasion of Iraq.

In the end Wakanda's main sin was to leave people "out there" and not help them, and it boomerangs back to them in the form of one of those persons they left behind.

While some of y'all where asking why the most prosperous, technologically advanced country in the world wasn't helping those in need around the world, taking in refugees, sharing it's resources,  the movie was saying "well, why aren't you?"

But maybe that's just my interpretation.

On my mind: Batman hulks out, Merida x Violet

I can't write much lately. But I am using free software to create crude animations. Here's some of the ones that are safe for work.

Here's one I've thought about awhile. How fun would it be if Batman suddenly Hulked out in front of Joker? Pretty Crazy, right?
I also made this. I ship this.

From Puerto Rico, regarding "DO SOMETHING"

Hello, Mr Trump:

This is in regards to your request for last week. Rest assured, it may be a week late, but we will do something to aid you in your legal troubles.

We are sending now, from the island, a chopper full of paper towels. I don't know how this helps with a Grand Jury, but it gotta be as useful as it was with our electricity.

We're sending more than that, but let's be frank: your administration was a mess before we got there. We can't DO SOMETHING forever.

P.S. our efforts have greatly helped you, and we give ourselves an A+ in legal defense.

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