Mortal Kombat Giberish Finally Decoded!

¿Por que no?

For more than half my life there´s been a question in my mind: What the hell did Raiden just say?

Scooby Doomy Doo? Shyamadama doo? I GATTA DIE? The hell is that? It wouldn't be until I was older than I realized that the character is saying nothing at all. Unlike when I thought Ryu was saying "Atack-tack-doo-ken" and Psylocke was saying "Uphold the pudding", there wasn't any language barrier or loud competing arcade sounds to overcome, here. It is gibberish made up  by voice actors clearly having too much fun. Like with the Sims, the point here isn't to give you what the  character is saying, but what the character is trying to say.

Well, no Wreckless for you, Psylocke.

Except, I once rented Mortal Kombat 4. And with that game, I was sure...SURE! That that game was using Spanish terms. So I looked up all the voices, which someone was kind enough to put on a video.

Mortal Kombat 4 is not as much gibberish as you might have believed. Within this audio clips, voices can clearly be heard saying things like "Oh I'm gonna throw you over there!" and "AAAAW MY LEG!". But If you're a Puerto Rican, like me, you'll find some other things. Let's look at them.

2:52 "Dejame Quieto". It  means "leave me alone".

3:04 "Carajo Coño". These are two curse words that often can be seen whenever a Puerto Rican is angry. Although overusage has left their litteral meaning worthless, "carajo" is the lousiest place on a  ship where you send people you don't like(although there is debate about it's meaning, with some thinking it is a place on the map or a reproductive member.), and "coño" is pubic hair. Both of these are used to express frustration.

By the way, these are major curse words, equivalent on weight to your English "Fuck" and "Dick". "Stuff you don't say on TV"  bad. Usted no jode con un dios!

3:09 "Cuidame" It means "Take care(of me)". Uh...what?

3:13 "Toque el piano" it means "(I) played the piano". Nice to know, but I'm still planning to rip out your arms.

3:11 "No me toque" means "Don't touch me". Interestingly, it uses the more proper "toque" which is used with strangers or people of grander stature over the more commonerish "toques". 

3:45 "Ay, Mami". The fighter calls out his mom, in pain.

4:08 "Quien puso ese pedazo de hielo alpino ahi" or "Who put that piece of alpine ice there".  Pretty sure this is the sound for "slipping on Sub Zero's ice", too.

4:12 "Marrallo Parta". This expression is also heard from exasperated and frustrated Ricans the world over.  It is a contraction from the phrase "Que un mal rayo me parta" or "May a bad lightening split me". It's a poor choice of words if you are fighting Raiden.


Mgo said...

Interesante. Yo me estaba percatando de todo esto. Puedes agregar todas las instancias del juego en que los personajes hablan en español? Creo que en una tambien dicen "raaaayos"

Batzarro said...

Estas son las que pude reconocer de Mortal Kombat 4. Estoy investigando ha ver si en los Mortal Kombat de la generacion Xbox-PS2 tambien los hay, para hacer un articulo de seguimiento.

Mgo said...

Por otro lado la única que no he estado de acuerdo de las que pusiste es la que dice "Carajo, coño" a mi me suena más a "Quiero coño", aunque tampoco estoy seguro de que diga eso jaja

Mgo said...

Batzarro said...

Bueno, asi yo lo oigo. Muy bueno el video, btw.

Mgo said...

Si es verdad no creo que hayan puesto "quiero coño" pero me suena raro como "carajo coño" jaja por eso le mande un signo de pregunta y lo de rayos creo que si. Hay otra mas que supuestamente cuando Scorpion saca el arma dice "Mira lo que traigo"? Me han dicho otras pero son mentiras como Jax que dice "vamos a bailar" u otras mas pero la de Scorp puede ser eh ja

Anonymous said...

En que parte dicen eso de "marallo parta?" que mov que personaje hay que usar para escuchalo. buen blog

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