Lost to the Internet: Star

"And does it involve taking off more of my clothes?"

My interest in Public Domain superheroes began last year, when it came to my attention that they, in fact, exist. Emboldened with this knowledge, I've been seeking ways to exploit this characters to meet my own demands. One of the characters that most called to me is one called Moon Girl.

 (There was a joke here. The advertisers did not care for it.)

Sorry! My bad. I'll start over. Ahem....Moon Girl!
Moon Girl doesn't show ass...she stomps it.
Moon Girl is what Golden Age Wonder Woman would be like if you took out most of the crazy from it. Hailing from a distant fake land, the Moon Girl is a foreign princess who came to America to fight crime, using her magic Moonstone. The book is known for it's erratic changes in thematic and genre.
Also, a witch rides a naked mermaid. I said MOST of the crazy.

According to International Superhero, the Crime- Busting lunatic had the aid of several characters, including  a cop and the irrespectably called Prince Mengu as well as another.

This other in question is the problem. Without a page on PDSH or international hero, this character you can't find any information on. I couldn't even find images. Only a mention by name. So I did the only reasonable thing to do. I downloaded all the comics(as well as every other comics the company did because no one cared enough to have them separately or on something that isn't torrents) to read the story. And since I don't want you to do that, I'll create a little profile here, because I don't know if I can add it to PDSH myself.

The story takes place during "Moon Girl Fights Crime" #7, which is two issues away from "Moon Girl Doesn't Live Here Anymore" #9. We meet our protagonist, Selena Brown, a young female orphan  living in a rural house with a big case of "fear of the moon". It also seems she thinks the Moon is talking to her or wants her to do something.

Late one night, Selena finds a magic moonstone necklace in her attic that  grants her super her stupid, stupid wish.

Because when you find jewelry, it's cleaning properties are your first concern.
Empowered, the kid uses the stones power to do chores.NOT use it to wrestle or sell it. Chores.
You're no fun.
Eventually after achieving  a legendary status in farm-handing, she gets to heroing. She rescues two men from falling to their deaths. The men, in a twist worthy of Shamalan, turn out to be hardened criminals who immediately want to exploit the superpowered pixie that saved them for crime. But come on, if you where given super-strength by a magic moonstone, would you let two guys who seem to be an ambulance chaser's wet dream threaten you?
You know, Stardust the Super Wizard would have turned their intestines into antfarms.

So, using her strength she helps the robbers into a bank.  Moon Girl hears of the ruckus and tries to help, but she...trips into a bunch of bricks and falls. She's a klutz like that. Selena is in big trouble as she  is left locked in the bank vault to die as the criminals make their escape. She..doesn't seem to use the Super power that allowed her to enter the  vault and there's no reason for it and she starts suffocating immediately. Must be one of those pressurized vaults that where all the rage in the 40s.

"And I'll show you a girl can't use her powers to get out of trouble!"
Moon Girl comes out of her stupor in time to whoop the criminals silly, but she doesn't know about Selena's artificial predicament until her Moonstone shows her. She frees her. Having discovered  her long lost cousin, Moon Girl immediately adopts her and and drafts her into  her war on crime and mermaids...

Where we're going, there's enough chores for a lifetime!

So Selena the girl who once feared the moon becomes...STAR! The Daughter(More like the cousin) of the Moon!

You can't capture this much awkward without reference.
So, I might as well put it out there. The new Comixology Moon Girl series might or might not have used her. But her possibilities are there if anyone else is planning on exploiting the Moon Girl's(admittedly shortlived) mythos. The rare female sidekick to a female superhero, Star really is Nobody's Favorite Lost to the Internet.

'Your name is now Starlet. Also, your only words in your final appearance are "Oooooh! What is it?" and "Tweet! Tweeeeeet!", Starlet. '


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