Diary of a Truancy Inspector

I receive more mail than you would imagine. I don't share most of it, but I recently received a missive I thought you might want to see. It comes from a man who calls himself simply "Truancy Inspector". I do not endorse, nor solidarize with his words but here's what he wrote.Solidarize is an actual word, right? Crap.

Evening. I saw your recent post. About the upcoming destruction of your land by a massive wave sent by the so called God.

Stop spreading this missinformation and fearmongering. There is no such thing as God, or gods or even the non-canonical "Gosh". Your island needn't fear fear mythological creatures based on self dellusion. Rather, they should fear the earthquake generator the templar plan to use to destroy your populace in a bid to control the plaintain market.

Who am I?  Well, I am not, is the proper answer. I hide in the shadows, off the grid far from their control. They fear me, and how much I don't buy toilet paper all that often. But if you must use a name for me because the abstract concept of the truth has been erased  by THEM and years of missinformation, controlled media and toothpaste in the water call me Truancy Inspector.
St. Tinfoil is my only God!

As for Them, they are everywhere. They control everything: Your TV, your Radio, that one time your dad said he was going to go to your Soccer game, but he didn't and you ended up quitting the league in frustration: all part of their plan.  You may know them as Illuminatti, Freemasons or Knights Templars. That's what they WANT you to know them as. Did you know the Girlscouts go back to  the Sumerian empire? Of course you didn't. They edited it every time I tried to add it to their Wikipedia page. Their influence is both deep and disturbing.
All the citation I need is in the Bible. The REAL Bible.

As I said, they control everything. And slowly, but surely, they plan to bring forth the New World Order.

I don't know exactly what it entails, but they plan to kill most of the human race, and possibly wear them as ponchos, and from the ashes of the old world a new  one will arrise: under their control.
"Same as the old World Order!"
But much like the Riddler, this guys can't stop themselves hinting of they plans. Only in this case, insteado f Batman, there's me, and instead of stopping the plans, I complain you don't believe me.

Oh, but for the sad sacks that cannot see the truth. They will suckle any old story that they can wean from the tits of the NWO: the mass media. FOx News, MSNBC, WNBA AT-ST all of them founded by THEM. If the Shadow Goverment says jump, they say "ow, my head".

Kennedy killed? Kennedy hadn't even been born when they shot at that dummy full of Cranbery sauce. Besides, we all know he shapeshifted into Tupac and was responsible for the Oil Spill last year.

The Moon Landing? It's obviously fake: They landed in the moon years before that. Why do you thing it's so empty? They colonized it and slaughtered all the moonmen. And a few years later "moonwalking" is invented. Coincidence? Coincidence is their biggest ally that isn't an alien lizard Jewish robot.

Even  now some of you doubt me. I would call you sheeple, but THEY know people who use the term are the real deal and find them on sight. You remind me of a kid I saw the other day: He was so stuck on believeing th official(AKA bullshit) 911 story, he forgot to cover the angle where the building was imploded. Are you really prepared to believe a bunch of weirdos who live in caves are crazy enought to kill themselves because they where told over THE TRUTH: mininukes destroyed the Towers and  building 7 was done in by a Magic Fire Dragon.

Don't believe me? Do your own research, like I did: By reading books that agree with my preconcieved  notions. Sometimes you have to study to arrive at a logical conclusion, but  that's exactly what they want to sucker you away from the truth. Instead arrive at the conclusion first, then defend it from "THEM" at any cost. And remember, once you discover the full Truth, or even a little of the Truth, about  the upcoming earth-long holocaust, do not hold back on being a douche and calling the people you purport to save names. This should gain you many converts to the fold, who must also mistreat  those they want to save.

So, to reiterate: everyone stop believing what you believe now, sheeple, and start believing what this overtly aggresive guy with  creepy youtube vids is telling you. The end is near! Hate the one you're with: s/he's an alien!


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