Game release lineup for 2015

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With the release (that I'll probably update eventually, because I made it hurriedly for a gamejam) of Monsters of the King, that marks my 3rd or so published game. I've come to realize that when I'm just making a game that I wanna make, usually like a fighting game or something, I usually don't finish it, but when I put it in my head to make a game for a gamejam, with the date looming over me, suddenly I burst forth and finish it. UNLESS...stuff gets in my way. That's why I'm putting unchangeable dates to all the games I'm planning. So I'm going to grab all the ideas on my head, and put some dates to them, see if I can't get the games done.

Freeze Fever: Let it Snow!
May 1

Do you wanna build a dough man?

Freeze Fever will be released March 1. I've already begun working on it. In FF, you play as The Snow Queen from Hans Anderson's The Snow Queen. You know, the story that was recently popularized by Disney's Frozen, but that has barely jack squat to do with it except for like, two or 3 things?

In my version, The Snow Queen is doing what she does best: trying to turn people to her side by freezing their hearts. You, as the Snow Queen, must keep Gerda from reaching the warmth of a campfire.  Don't let her go!

You cannot Escape, money! No YOU will be the one escaping!

Avenger's Legacy

April 23
The famous public domain hero Avenger is dead, and it's up to you as one of 5 other public domain heroes to found out who did it and why! A multiplayer plataformer action game!
I'm way more focused on whether I could do it than wether I should, okay?
June 2
Michelle and Rodriga are former slaves of the lizard like T'saurians. They think they are safe by escaping into a planet, but it turns out to be full of dinosaurs! Using their Genominator bracelets, they must, themselves turn into dinosaurs and escape to a crashed ship! A Beat-Em-Up, very much in the vain of Altered Beast

I'll be BUCKS
 June 15
In the future, a robotic prostitute with a heard of iron must  overcome a robot insurrection by an AI. A sidescrolling shooter.

un amigo es un peso en el bolsillo

Brownies: Hoof or Mare
July 25
A Girl earns from fairies the power to transform into a magical pony-like being. She must use this power to find the Star Brownies before the evil wizard Bartroh finds them! A Plataformer.

Fantasy Four
August 1

Fantasy Four Follows four heroines tasked with the secret mission of destroying the Cannibal Planet threatening the earth! Four player action! Four Sexy Heroes!


Star Odyssey VII: The War Awakens
December 10
Based on my Best Selling Book Fighting Hero of the Galaxy, itself based on the public domain movie Star Odyssey, aka 7 Golden Men from Space, AKA Metallica, , Star Odyssey puts you to play as heroine Olivia Carrera as she races to stop the evil Koboldi race from enslaving all humanity.

Heeeey...why are you looking at me like that? I told you! I can't work on my own deadlines. So I'm letting whatever is going on at the time dictate what I release.  I also did a lot of work on a game called  9 + 1 Deadly Holes with Sexy Kunoichi, a stealth/golf fame, for a gamejam I wasn't able to put the game on(only because stuff happened in real life.) Like Monsters of the King, I just need to add some stages and such and put it all in a pita wrapper and it's a game.

So what do yo guys think? Biting off more than I can chew?


Homosexualismo, masturbacion, desnudes, sexualidad descarriada...son cosas que se ven en un video musical  de Wisin y Yandel.  Quiero decir, ah, si, la perspectiva de genero es literalmente lo peor que puede pasar en nuestros niños, braaaah! Pero ese dia la maestra no va a ir porque no le pagaron. Proxima pregunta.

In Monsters of the King, YOU are the boss

Friends and neightbors, for years we've guided heroes from the left of the screen to the right, with little thought of just how those enemies came to be possitioned so. Well, wonder no more, because my new game will shed some light on that!

As Sister Brains, it is your job to keep Sir-Jumps-A-Lot from getting to the end of the stage. Lay down enemies, time his jumps, and keep him away from those power ups and a winner will you be!

Took me two weeks. Done for the Backwards Game Jam.  Lots of stuff left on the cutting room floor. Might finish later. Get it here.

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