Open Letter to Electoral College

I'll make this brief. I know you are under a lot of pressure, and in a few hours you will be making a choice that could very well make or break the country.

I am in Puerto Rico. We don't get to vote  for President, but we do get to call him President.  If there is a draft, I will have to go to war. If America falls, I fall. It is the same in American Samoa.

There are many reasons for you not to vote for Donald Trump. Though I will admit many of those are the same reasons I shouldn't  have to write this desperate plea, the fact of the matter is he managed to make it past the better judgement of many people. However, I present to you the biggest reason: Donald Trump does not want to be President.

Donald Trump has been President Elect for a month, now. In that time he's done a lot of Twitter fights, he's done rallies, he's met with people, caused a few international incidents  and he's mentioned who his cabinet holders will be.

And hey, that's his right. Here's what he hasn't done: taken  daily intelligence briefings, divest himself from his enormous worldwide businesses, and end the lease a government building has with his own company.

If Donald Trump was serious about being President, there is no reason for him not to be hard at work starting this very serious processes. This is no joke. We've all heard that Mr Trump HAS to do this things in order to be President except, apparently, for Mr Trump himself, and his complete lack of good faith on this matter is highly troubling.

Mr Trump's lack of action in this matter may lead to him breaking the constitution on the every first day.  Mr Trump may be above common decency, logic, facts, respect, and equality, but he should not be above the law, and his lack of movement on this areas I mention lead me to believe he either thinks he is or plans to be, and that's dangerous.

Thank you for your time. Vote your concience.

Trumpverse #1: Swamped Out

It's been a month since Donald Trump became President Elect. Now, I heard he liked building walls, so there's gonna be a monthly wall dedicated to  presenting what was actually happening out there. What people are feeling. Don't Holocaust-deny us, futurites!

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