Whose Side are You ON: 6 Hundred Million Dollar Man (And Bionic Woman)

In our last round, Megamind and Metro Man put Team Cap closer to  to the gold. Can technology get Tony back on track?

6 Hundred Million Dollar Man  and Bionic Woman


Steve "Not Stone Cold" Austin had a bad accident, so the government made him a cyborg. There is also a bionic woman they made too, his girfriend Jaime Sommers .
Danger Assesment

Steve and Jaime's Bionics allow them to move faster, and be stronger than most people in the world, as well as other nifty abilities such as x-ray vision.

Where would they stand.


Steve Austin already works for the government and conceals his face never. He's on team Stark by Default.



By my estimation, there's only a few rounds to go. And this round will decide...who lives...and who DIES...and it's gonna get dark, man...

WTFU Watch: Cyber Zombie Apocalypse

Fear the  Walking Copyright Reformists.

It looks like WTFU is  going places. Specifically to discuss copyright and what changes it needs to the copyright office itself. For the first time in basically 40 years, it looks like there are other voices in the copyright discussion table besides the copyright maximalists and entertainment industry lobbyists that  haven't made copyright last forever because they can't.

So obviously you expect some backlash. The backlash is that we're cheating, thieving cyber terrorist zombies.

According to an article on the Huffington Post, the last minute submission of thousands of requests to the copyright office to amend the DMCA cannot be described as anything but cyberterrorism.  After all, the amount of petitions going on at once DID crash the servers.  Probably because of how many people suddenly entered because we did not know about this until literally that day.

"There’s really no other way to describe these kind of actions than coordinated cyber bullying campaigns built on distorted information to incite an angry online mob. A mob that mobilizes and then disappears quickly back into the shadows." said William Buckley Jr, like a jackass.

Now, this is a romantic image. Mobs going in there and dissapearing , Fuente Ovejuna Style, so no individual can be identified.

But there are no secret mobs. This mob is quite public. It is what the entertainment industry has always really been afraid of: people, willingly becoming involved with a copyright that is supposed to, by design, supposed to benefit said people. Loss of control thrives fear.

 "Section 512 is where the battle line is being drawn between online businesses that use a loophole in the law to reap enormous profits from using copyrighted material without permission and the copyright holders who have seen their careers crater and their earnings evaporate. It is nothing less than a life and death struggle for the future of art in America. A battle whose outcome is yet undecided."

Oh, yeah? Which copyright holders have seen their careers crater and their earnings evaporate? Who are you talking about? Do you have any examples?

You see, for big entertainment it's important to draw that starving artist card every time their humongous earnings and complete control over all elements of production and distribution are threatened. Because if they said  that the same guys who don't want to pay their performing artists  for using their music in ads, and the same ones who tell David Prowse that Return of the Jedi didn't make any money so they can't pay him any, are the ones advocating for copyright laws with even more teeth, then well, that's not as appealing as saying "poor Jim Artist,  how's he supposed to make a living if he can't take down copies of his work forever and then nuke the site from orbit? {8(..."
It's like looking at this guy and saying he needs bodyguards
This is a fight for FAIR USE.  And as much as they'll tell you they  love themselves some fair use, the actual real life says other wise.

Lives ARE on the balance. That much is true. Freedom of Speech is being trampled. Up and coming businesses, the same ones copyright was supposed to protect, are being put in danger. Nobody loses their job because I uploaded an anime music video of Batman v Supermen, but whenever The Nostalgia Critic can't upload a video because there's no godamn  nuance in the system, it means Tamara Chambers, Malcolm Ray and Jim Jarosz might have to go hungry that day.

Fittingly, then, second article described the entire situation as a "Zombie Apocalypse".  You see, Keith Kupferschmi, of the Copyright Alliance, says that even though ove 900000 people expressed that, "yeah, the DMCA is broken", and that's certainly valuable insight..."These 90,000 comments are all identical submissions generated merely by clicking on the “I’m in” button at takedownabuse.org"

First of all, no it wasn't. It certainly had a prewritten  post and function, but individual people could edit it to their heart's content. Secondly, it was almost 100,000 individual responses FROM people. That they weren't all original, "from the heart" responses is unimportant, because these thousands of people agreed that the DMCA is broken.That's what the Copyright office was asking, and that's what we answered.

 It's funny, though, that the  article  does it's preface by drawing heavilly from The Walking Dead.

"My family knows not to bother me from 9 to 10 pm every Sunday night. That’s my The Walking Dead time.  While the show is about zombies and what happens after the zombie apocalypse, those who watch the show know the real danger to our protagonists, Rick, Michonne, Daryl and the rest of the crew, is not the zombies all all.  The real threats come from the living -- terrifying villains like the Governor, Gareth and now the charismatic Negan."

Funny. The Walking Dead only exists because the copyright on "Night of the Living Dead" fell through, thus allowing TV stations to run it for cheap, thus  lots of people seeing it and being inspired by it, thus creating the Zombie Horror genre that allowed Robert Kirkman to create a comic about it without having to pay George Romero for it. In turn this allowed the TV show to exist.

That a copyright maximalist, the kind that would unironically argue the "Forever less One Day"  mentality that caused 2 retroactive extensions to copyright and the complete lack of any works entering the public domain until 2019, to use The Walking Dead to argue FOR the continual enlenghtening, engirthening, and enwidening of copyright is perhaps delicious irony.

One more thing.

"If there are problems with the DMCA the best way to understand what those problems are, and to attempt to address them, is for those with concerns to voice them in detail and not file yet another zombie comment.  As we’ve learned from The Walking Dead, those zombies are rather easily disposed of."

A single zombie is no threat, just like a single Lawrence Lessig was no threat to the selfrighteous Sonny Bono act of 1998. But that's the thing about zombies. There rarely is just one of them. And their infectious. They don't just destroy those that oppose them. They make them join their ranks.

Things aren't ever going to go back to the way they were. You won't just be able to launch a sneak law attack and get away with screwing everyone  anymore.  You can't just tell everyone you know what's best for them. You're not the only game in town.

The infection is only begun.

Whose Side are You ON: Dr Horrible's Sing along Blog

In our last episode, Megamind and Metro Man took  Caps all the way to a comfy lead. Maybe a different kind of villain-hero duo can take things in a different direction...

Dr Horrible's Sing along Blog

Starring in musicals? DEAD GIVEAWAY.


Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer are archenemies, in both the field of one of them being a hero and the other being a villain, and  for the affections of a lady that the Doctor accidentally offed.

Danger Assesment

Dr Horrible is your typical evil inventor.

 Captain Hammer is basically a Strong, Bullet proof man.


Where would they stand.

Well, Dr Horrible  is a villain, so he's probably not interested in supporting either side. Captain Hammer, though, is a violent sociopath that doesn't care about anyone. I can see him backing Tony Stark very easilly since it'll probably be the more popular opinion with people.


Cutting it close. We're almost done! It's getting kind of dark, man!


Whose Side are You ON: Megamind

In our last round, the Wayans Bros FINALLY did something good for someone and put  Captain America closer to not-losing. Now, if you don't mind...



Megamind is an alien inventor locked into a nemesisship with Superman, but with a white suit. No, I'm not sugarcoating it, this guy has the same origins as Superman and also looks like him.

While Megamind's bid for world domination was only succesful because Captain Super faked his death, in the end, he created a hero to challenge him, and by defeating him he himself became a hero.

Danger Assesment

Megamind's inventions include giant deathrays and chemicals that give people superpowers.
Metroman is yet another Superman in the wings.

Where would they stand.

Megamind has a way, to give people Superpowers. He would have most use on team Captain America, because team Tony Stark probably isn't rushing to give anyone ELSE Superpowers.

As for his rival Metro Man he probably appreciates anonymity most of all, so put him down for team Cappy if anything.



Whose Side are You ON: Blankman

In our last episode, Team Cap had a little boost from M.A.N.T.I.S. Can he ride that out into a victory?



Blankman is a meek man using a bulletproof super suit and other gadgets. and played by one of the Wayan's brothers.

Jesus, yo ever get the feeling that there have been like, zero attempts at an original superhero for movies that Isn't a comedy?

Danger Assesment

It's a bullet proof Damon Wayans, riding a mine cart under the city. He's definitively a danger to  Hawkeye, or maybe a really distracted Black Widow.


Where would they stand.

With his meek demeanor and highly risk prone secret identity, this guy isn't about to sign in with the government. Come on. We all got Aunt Mays. He's on Captain America's side.

team reg 83
team antireg 78

Once more, team Cap is playing catchup. It might take a great mind to propel him to victory, though.

Wow? You won't believe how Elizabeth Banks looks in this new role!

Prepare your hearts, people!  Get ready to finally look at Elizabeth Banks as one of the most iconic characters of recent years!

OrL First Look at Elizabeth Banks as Lady Gaga's new Lady Gaga
Waaait, this isn't that. She kinda looks the part though!
"Actually, you see that random alien that died. That's Despero." -Zack Snyder
What? Despero is a purple, three eyed space man with a fin on his head, not a THIS. No really, who's she playing?

"You shall not stop this crazy thing, Jane!"
Well...it uh...sure is taking that in a whole new direction. Stop fucking with me, man!

Whaaat? I call White Washing. Jade is obviously sort of black!  You can't be...

 That's..alright, that's actually possible. But uh, is this the real news?

I know this is fake because there wasn't an old Shuma Gorath to begin with.

Ok, that's enough.  This character looks NOTHING like it might even be INSPIRED by Rita Repulsa. NO MORE GAMES!

Whose Side are You ON: M.A.N.T.I.S.

After being paralized, Dr Miles Hawkind developed a supersuit that allowed  him to walk again, and dance again, and also fight crime and not do those other things, because everyone would know he's cheating on his paralysis.

Danger Assesment

While his suit is basically a miracle of science and all, he's no Iron Man. I bet Iron Man could take him to the cleaners.


Where would they stand.

There's quite a lot in stake for Miles to keep his identity a secret, and in fact, it goes so deep what was initially thought to be an accidental shooting of his spine turned out to be a conspiracy to kill him. This guy
ain't signing anything.



This is the kind of windfall Team Cap needed. Although still trailing behind,  at least Captain America isn't shooting blanks, man.

Whose Side are You ON: Chronicle

 The future has never been sweeter for team Tony, as Star Kid delivered even more advantage! But  let's look at how things have turned out since the draft begun.



Chronicle is the story of 3 teens, Andrew, Steve and Matt who found a thing under the ground and it gave them super powers. And since it's found footage, they don't have to explain what the thing is, or anything.

But one of 'em went crazy, and tried to kill everyone.

Danger Assesment

The powers granted by the thingy include flight, telekinesis, and invulnerability. Not TOO much invulnerability, as these dudes definitively can kill each other.

They would be a major asset on either side.


Where would they stand.

Andrew, the one ranting about apex predators and  tried to rob gas stations, probably wouldn't go with the whole government thing. He's on Captain America's side, pulling off people's teeth and being awkward around the ladies.

The other guy, Matt, who vaguely went on about rules and not doing this and that, would  likely side with Tony Stark.

I have a feeling that Steve would probably rather graduate and join the football team than be part of any Civil War.



Not much has changed!

Whose Side are You ON: Star Kid

Last time, the ominous shroud of the Baby Geniuses loomed large over both teams.

Star Kid

Some kid that was in a lot of 90's movies found himself a sentient suit of armor made by aliens.

Danger Assesment

The suit was moderately powerful, with various long range energy weapons. However, the suit can run out of power, leaving the host a sitting duck.


Where would they stand.

As an 90's child who already got roped into an intergalactic war without much in the way of evidence which side was in the right, I feel Tony Stark could definitively  sweet talk him into joining the pro-government side.

He's probably too rad and extreme to go with the boring ass  traditional type hero.


Continued victory on team Reg. Looks like Cap is on the rope on the final stretch of the competition. Can he turn it around, or is this how his Chronicle ends?

Whose Side are You ON: Baby Geniuses 2: Superbabies

 Last time, the Powerpuff Girls gave an edge to Team Reg. But Cap swore to come back with an even  younger crowd.

Baby Geniuses 2: Superbabies

While the early incarnation of this franchise  presented a world where Babies are super smart, but people don't realize, this one goes further, with a secret underground powerstruggle between a cabal of super scientist and a cabal of Superhero babies.

Danger Assesment

Between them all, the Baby Geniuses have Super Strenght, Flight, Super Intelligence, and Love Arrows that make people fall in looooove.

Unfortunately they are babies. I mean, come on, how pathetic can you get to lose to a baby? They die if you shake them too hard.


Where would they stand.

I think the Baby Geniuses could be split hard over this. I award each team two points, and may God have mercy on their souls.



So...that was stupid. But keep watching the stars, kid.


"Thar she clicks!"

Whose Side are You ON: The Power Puff Girls.

Last time

The Power Puff Girls

 When a freak accident involving chemicals and kitchen seasonings occurs, 3 fully clothed, superpowered 6 year old girls are created, and their scientist father immediately conscripts them to  fight crime and  Gay Satan lobsters.

Danger Assesment

The PowerPuffs have The Superman Starter Pack of SuperSpeed, Super Strenght and Flight, with the DLC for eyebeams. And while being as powerful as Superman and being 3 instead of one is enough, the girls are somehow more

ruthless and violent than Superman, basically only not killing their opponents because of cartoon logic.


Where would they stand.
The girls have no secret identity to speak of, and fall on the extremely pro status quo side of super heroes. These girls fall heavy on Team Iron Man.



Poor Caps. But you know what they say: you gotta hook them young. Real Young...

Mortal Kombat just got Dingoed!

Of course Jenny Cho made it into this.

Through the magic of Gimp and Yoyo Game Maker,  I bring you the Dingo take on Mortal Kombat. Love it. Love ME!

I ripped some Dingo strikes from Phelous' review of Countryside Bears. It's...It's what Dingo would have wanted...sniff. Seriously, check them  out for him here. (Token useless attempt to not get sued by claiming not to own anything.)

Whose Side are You ON: Wordgirl

With G Girl at his side, Tony has a comfortable advantage. But Captain America doesn't know the meaning of the word "surrender"

Wordgirl comes from the planet Lexicon, and fights crime on earth under a secret identity.

Danger Assesment
Wordgirl has  the typical super speed and super resistance, but her real power comes from her vocabulary.


Her sidekick Captain Huggy face, does not, but he does have great Kung Fu ability.

Where would they stand.

Wordgirl's secret identity is of the utmost importance. She can't sign with the government. She's on team Captain America.

Captain Huggy Face, though, is a wildcard, and known to publicdly disagree with Wordgirl. I see him more as a Ironman type.

51(points To account for Captain Huggy Face switching sides)


They Switch places yet again! But if Captain America can use a little girl at his side, then 3 can play that game!

Whose Side are You ON: My Super Ex Girlfriend

 Last Episode, Meteor Man delivered for team Anti-Reg. Tony immediately started browsing his contacts to call...

My Super Ex Girlfriend

 Empowered by a meteorite(Or so she says...) G-Girl is a superhero, but also a total nutcase and terrible at rejection.

Danger Assesment

G-Girl has the Base Superman, with the eyebeams. With that said, she also has a weakness where the rock that gave her powers can also take them away, and even give them to someone else. HEEEEY, what is this, Meteor Man?


Where would they stand.

While G might want a normal life and appreciate anonymity, she is obviously susceptible to even low player game if she fell for Luke Wilson. I say, it won't take  Tony  but a night to convince her to his side.

With that said, this would also require Tony Stark to keep it in his robopants when it comes to other women for a prolonged time, and she's proven highly emotional and dangerous. I would suggest NOT to screw around with her too much.


45(points added to account for G-Girl's mental instability)

Anti-Reg facing a 5 point disadvantage.They're gonna have to put the word out if they hope to win!

Whose Side are You ON:Meteorman

In our last round, Ben Stiller and his buddies stood firmly on Ironman's side of the deal, bushing back Anti-regulation yet again. It's time to really rock!

Meteor Man

Meteorman recieved great powers from a meteor, and became the Super Hero of the Ghetto.

Danger Assesment

While the base power setting of Meteor man is The Basic Superman, he does a a variation on it. Upon touching a book he can absorb the contents and teachings without any of that nasty reading.


Where would they stand.

Meteor Man is a minority superhero living in the ghetto. For him, The Man is not trustworthy. He might or might not be worried about his identity getting out, and he might or might not trust a guy like Cap. But if it's

between trusting The Man and trusting people who don't trust the man, then expect to see this guy behind Old Caps.



Meteor Man takes Anti-Reg to victory yet again!  Things are getting tight, Tony! Maybe a woman's touch will turn things around!

Whose Side are You ON: Mystery Men

Team America, with the help of Mighty Med, managed to bridge the gap caused by the Greatest American Hero and Mighty Med. But out of the shadows...Mystery Men!

Mystery Men


Mystery Men is the story of a bunch of C and D listers living in a world where there are no B listers, and one A lister, who dies. And so they step up to the challenge with their ridiculous gimmicks, and defeat the evil

Casanova Frankenstein, and even meet an unexplicable cameoing Michael Bay.

Danger Assesment

One of them is Ben Stiller, with the relative strength and agility of a Ben Stiller.

No, actually, these guys don't have much in the way of Super Powers, or even gadgets, except for The Bowler, who can throw a bowling ball containing her father's skull  and it homes in on evildoers.


Where would they stand.

These guys aren't even trying to hide their identities, and don't really HAVE any powers to register. I'm inclined to believe they would side with Tony Stark and Da Man.  Not that they would would be a lot of help, but hey,

 who would seriously beat up WIlliam H Macy? He's Hollywood's kindly father figure!



It's not mystery that Team Reg is pushing ahead ahead. Caps is gonna have to look in the unlikeliest of places to eke out a victory!

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