Whose Side are You ON: The Power Puff Girls.

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The Power Puff Girls

 When a freak accident involving chemicals and kitchen seasonings occurs, 3 fully clothed, superpowered 6 year old girls are created, and their scientist father immediately conscripts them to  fight crime and  Gay Satan lobsters.

Danger Assesment

The PowerPuffs have The Superman Starter Pack of SuperSpeed, Super Strenght and Flight, with the DLC for eyebeams. And while being as powerful as Superman and being 3 instead of one is enough, the girls are somehow more

ruthless and violent than Superman, basically only not killing their opponents because of cartoon logic.


Where would they stand.
The girls have no secret identity to speak of, and fall on the extremely pro status quo side of super heroes. These girls fall heavy on Team Iron Man.



Poor Caps. But you know what they say: you gotta hook them young. Real Young...


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