AV Bishoujo Girl Fighting is a harder Strip Fighter 2

Copyrights truly make the best games.

 Look, I never set out to make make Fighting Female July a month where I talk about sexualized fighting games, nor is it my belief  that such a topic having covered mostly that in it's 4 year's run  some kind of statement on women in fighting games in general. There is a lot of that, yes. A lot a lot a lot a lot. But it's not ALL of it.

In my case, at least, it's more to do with circumstance. This whole thing began when I played a few bad rounds of Seifuku Desetsu,  and before I knew it I was looking for female fighitng games of all types. I WANT to try the Melty Bloods and ?s of life, but so far I keep falling into the Variable Geos and Strip Fighters. What's a blogger to do?

So, moving forward. AV Bishojo Girl Fighting is an NES pirate game by the same team who made the old NES Pirate Street Fighter 4 and Kart Fighter. That right there could be it's own review, if you know at least a couple of the things I mentioned. NES wasn't the ideal home for fighting games, and there's a reason there's so very few of them on the system outside of illegal pirate games.

So the gimmick on this one is: girls from completely unrelated franchises, with their names mangled or completely changed, all fight for supremacy. Chun Li made it mostly unscathed. Ranma from Ranma 1/2 becomes Ramma. Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon is now Sugico.  Tracy/Bunny from SF4 now have a 3rd Playboy Cat/Rabbit in Marry, which makes her a clone of a clone as they all come from Erina Goldsmith of Variable Geo fame.
Look, I don't know much about Ranma 1/2, but I'm pretty sure there's no Vivians there.

But that's not all that crosses over from that, a handful of stages from that made it into this, including the Royal Navy Battleship and the  Factory. Horribly enough, Marry's stage IS her old stage, Circus Car Show, but it's now switched musics with Jungle bridge stage, too. Some of these SEEM like they should be on SF4, too, such as New York(Sailor Sugico's stage, somehow)  and Taj Mahal.
Sailor Overpriced Housing!

 Characters LOOK like they're from disparate franchises, with  inconsistent sprite sizes that make some characters  look ridiculously taller than the others.
Maybe they should have called this one Capcom Fighting Jam 4.

So you got a very basic set of punches, kicks and specials. The specials can be pretty hard to pull off, and sometimes fail to actually connect, which means that you should focus on the first thing.

So you go toe to toe with these girls, and if the other girl loses a round, you generally see an image of a girl having a wardrobe malfunction, and after  the final round you will see her all naked and stuff. Pretty sure there was one where it happened backwards, though. Of note that the girls are never actually the girl you're fighting. Not even slightly.
Although, let's be fair here: neither do the vs screens most of the time.

So, as you see, this is exactly the same as Strip Fighter 2, which forces us to confront a reality in which not only did someone play SF2...but then they said "that has some good ideas, let's put them in  a NES bootleg game". It even also ends by running you through all the pics of girls you'd previously seen. Thankfully the ingame game doesn't try to be sexy, other than tarting up Chun Li and Ranma Ramma a bit. I wonder when GameS Studios is going to get on this one's case.
But then again, maybe their vision was of a ditsy drunk tourist called Jean who hangs around the Taj Mahal fighting people.

The AI of this game, though...damn. Some enemies are manageable, but my run as Shmailor Fercury had me run into some relentless characters. Playing defensive against this guys is a fool's errand. Blocking is hit and miss, specials sometimes to less damage than normals...it's pretty messy. So when the AI gets cheap the only thing you can reliably count on is constantly spamming one of the punch/kick buttons, or jumping back, and trying to hit the enemy as he/she approaches. If you get your timing right you can get their health down pretty good like this, but watch out, as after a couple of hits they get dizzy. Your first instinct is going to be to rush in and get a free hit, but don't. They ALWAYS end their dizzy state before you get there.

In terms of play, there's no multiplayer,  and the only option in options is difficulty, and even then cranked at maximum. Humorously enough, the continue screen doesn't let you continue OR quit, and you can't get out of the ending either. Oh, and if you want to get the low color hentai images, you better play the hard dificulty, too.

Vivian was later sacrificed for killing and eating Chun Li.

So basically this game is like a harder, more glitchy Strip FIghter 2. Completists might get a bit of a kick, and you may get a bit of a rise out of how bootleggy the whole thing is.(The start menu music is from Sailor Moon, and when you pick something a jingle from Sonic plays, I'm kind of surprised the New York Stage isn't ripped off from the NES TMNT Tournament fighter's better New York stage). However the game is too broken, too buggy, and too brutal to be any decent amount of fun. It also doesn't have multiplayer, so basically...no, don't play AV Bishojo. Instead, get the  version of this characters for Mugen, get in their files and change their names, and put them all in one game, and browse Hentai Foundry while  playing it. It's bound to be more balanced, have better A.I., and the porn will be better, too.


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