Diary of a Truancy Inspector #2

 I found this written in  ketchup in my  roof this morning. It's from my conspiracy minded pen pal, Truancy Inspector.

 I  did not take it well, that you posted my letter to you. Not because I didn't meant for it to be publicized. I will  chew anyone's ear off, except if the meat is sheeple.

No, I took offense to the font used. It doesn't have the heart magazine cut out letters do. We need to save the print magazine industry. From Satan.

I need to be dramatic. People don't pay attention to what is really going on. Political upheaval in the middle east? Oil running out? A sports awards show in Cartoon Network? All distractions from the encroaching Ragnarok that will come in the form of Ghostbusters 3.
Look at the Masonic Symbols  to the left and right of smoking...

You may have heard it. It's on. It's off. It's on. It takes place in hell.The ghost of Bill Murray is in it.It's off again. And now they are saying Ashton Kutcher, the star of Butterfly Effect and Open Season, will play a role in it.

There is a perfectly reasonable explanation, and like all reasonable explanations, it involves time travel.
It seems someone from a future where Ghostbusters 3 didn't happen traveled back to our time to ensure it did happen. The timeline was altered. The movie will happen. Thus creating a new timeline where Ghostbusters 3 exists and it's utter awefullness ignite riots that destroy civilization in most of the world. Small pockets of intelligence survive, and manage (with the help of an older version of our time traveler) to create a time machine so that the first time traveler can be stopped.

We are witnessing that battle, and the very fate of humanity hangs in the balance! Every time the movie is off, it's because a time traveler snuck into Bill Murray's house and stole the script, putting in it's place the script for  Yogi Bear. Every time it's on, it's because another time traveler put the script back in Murray's coffee table

As for Kutcher, he's an agent for the  movie-stopping secret agent. His whole career has been a setup or it.
How else are you gonna explain a filmography this bad?


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