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Catwoman's Cancelled Movie, De-scripted! Part Dos!

Guess who's back? Back again? Captain God is back! Tell your friends! Yes, it's the return of the series 20 years in the making where I go over Catwoman, not as it happened, but as it could have!

Though I deeply regret not having put more graphics on it, I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

So much swimming, to die on the shore

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I'm sorry Lindsay. You turned off the comments to avoid the conspiracy nuts and it was a noble effort. But Youtube just won't let it.

Open letter to Congress

The Fiscal Control Board's congressional task force has sent out a request to see what people think are some of the issues in Puerto Rico that ought to be tackled. Because in Congress, even a task force has it's own  task force, I guess.

Rather than tell them "vayanse al carajo canto de mama bicho hijo de la gran puta pendejo"  and all those raw Puerto Rican feelings I have about it all, I made an orderly letter. It is as follows.

Oh, now. NOW you want to know what we think. You spent months putting P.R.O.M.E.S.A in place, and only in the end do you think that maybe the people who are going to be under this dictatorial board ideated by an enviromental subcomitee might have some insight to this whole thing?

Sigh. Lucky for you, I am a blogger, so I'm already used to doling out words that will never be read, and even if read won't be heeded. Here's some things that could boost our economy. So instead of wasting time telling you what you are, here's some key areas to boost the economy.

The 936 laws that were removed basically killed our economy. So the most obvious thing to do is put them(or something similar) back in place.
The Marine Merchant laws that used to apply to Puerto Rico but suddenly didn't, could also be changed.

The single public electric company's corruption somehow bankrupted a monopoly. The high cost of power in the island is one of the things that makes having a business harder.  The sad truth is it must be opened to competition.

Tourism is a potential revenue source for the island, but currently  the island's tourism is centered in the island's capital San Juan, when there's plenty to see in the rest of the island. De-centralize tourism. This should have been  done years ago, but it wasn't.

Corruption is certainly an issue, as I'm sure some others will tell you. Cronyism, contracts to friends in government, divertion of public funds, and other nastinesses has permeated the local government and become basically acceptable. While I don't believe the Fiscal Control Board is here to do that, It IS something that should be changed.

The island's political status is at the heart of it all. While the local parties all have wild dreams of the benefits of state hood and independence, it is undeniable that being yoked by congress is the source of the major problems in Puerto Rico's economy and government. To be, or not to be, is the question.

So there you have it.

P.R.O.M.E.S.A. has killed all my faith in America. You moved us from 2nd class citizens to third class citizens. It attempts to solve problems that are rooted in colonialism with more colonialism. You hurt us. This hurts.

In a few years we will see what an unnacountable group of people can do for an island they know nothing about. Some of them may even be chosen by Mr Celebrity Apprentice! And in those days, if any of you is capable of feeling shame, you should apologize.

You too, can tell Congress to suck your bicho here.

Irma Right, or Irma wrong?

Both shows are basically the same, I assume.
You thought that no one would notice it if you snuck sexy Irma in there? Well...yeah, you were pretty much right.

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