Whose Side are You ON: Blankman

In our last episode, Team Cap had a little boost from M.A.N.T.I.S. Can he ride that out into a victory?



Blankman is a meek man using a bulletproof super suit and other gadgets. and played by one of the Wayan's brothers.

Jesus, yo ever get the feeling that there have been like, zero attempts at an original superhero for movies that Isn't a comedy?

Danger Assesment

It's a bullet proof Damon Wayans, riding a mine cart under the city. He's definitively a danger to  Hawkeye, or maybe a really distracted Black Widow.


Where would they stand.

With his meek demeanor and highly risk prone secret identity, this guy isn't about to sign in with the government. Come on. We all got Aunt Mays. He's on Captain America's side.

team reg 83
team antireg 78

Once more, team Cap is playing catchup. It might take a great mind to propel him to victory, though.


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