Whose Side are You ON: Megamind

In our last round, the Wayans Bros FINALLY did something good for someone and put  Captain America closer to not-losing. Now, if you don't mind...



Megamind is an alien inventor locked into a nemesisship with Superman, but with a white suit. No, I'm not sugarcoating it, this guy has the same origins as Superman and also looks like him.

While Megamind's bid for world domination was only succesful because Captain Super faked his death, in the end, he created a hero to challenge him, and by defeating him he himself became a hero.

Danger Assesment

Megamind's inventions include giant deathrays and chemicals that give people superpowers.
Metroman is yet another Superman in the wings.

Where would they stand.

Megamind has a way, to give people Superpowers. He would have most use on team Captain America, because team Tony Stark probably isn't rushing to give anyone ELSE Superpowers.

As for his rival Metro Man he probably appreciates anonymity most of all, so put him down for team Cappy if anything.




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