Wow? You won't believe how Elizabeth Banks looks in this new role!

Prepare your hearts, people!  Get ready to finally look at Elizabeth Banks as one of the most iconic characters of recent years!

OrL First Look at Elizabeth Banks as Lady Gaga's new Lady Gaga
Waaait, this isn't that. She kinda looks the part though!
"Actually, you see that random alien that died. That's Despero." -Zack Snyder
What? Despero is a purple, three eyed space man with a fin on his head, not a THIS. No really, who's she playing?

"You shall not stop this crazy thing, Jane!" uh...sure is taking that in a whole new direction. Stop fucking with me, man!

Whaaat? I call White Washing. Jade is obviously sort of black!  You can't be...

 That's..alright, that's actually possible. But uh, is this the real news?

I know this is fake because there wasn't an old Shuma Gorath to begin with.

Ok, that's enough.  This character looks NOTHING like it might even be INSPIRED by Rita Repulsa. NO MORE GAMES!


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