Whose Side are You ON: M.A.N.T.I.S.

After being paralized, Dr Miles Hawkind developed a supersuit that allowed  him to walk again, and dance again, and also fight crime and not do those other things, because everyone would know he's cheating on his paralysis.

Danger Assesment

While his suit is basically a miracle of science and all, he's no Iron Man. I bet Iron Man could take him to the cleaners.


Where would they stand.

There's quite a lot in stake for Miles to keep his identity a secret, and in fact, it goes so deep what was initially thought to be an accidental shooting of his spine turned out to be a conspiracy to kill him. This guy
ain't signing anything.



This is the kind of windfall Team Cap needed. Although still trailing behind,  at least Captain America isn't shooting blanks, man.


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