Whose Side are You ON: Chronicle

 The future has never been sweeter for team Tony, as Star Kid delivered even more advantage! But  let's look at how things have turned out since the draft begun.



Chronicle is the story of 3 teens, Andrew, Steve and Matt who found a thing under the ground and it gave them super powers. And since it's found footage, they don't have to explain what the thing is, or anything.

But one of 'em went crazy, and tried to kill everyone.

Danger Assesment

The powers granted by the thingy include flight, telekinesis, and invulnerability. Not TOO much invulnerability, as these dudes definitively can kill each other.

They would be a major asset on either side.


Where would they stand.

Andrew, the one ranting about apex predators and  tried to rob gas stations, probably wouldn't go with the whole government thing. He's on Captain America's side, pulling off people's teeth and being awkward around the ladies.

The other guy, Matt, who vaguely went on about rules and not doing this and that, would  likely side with Tony Stark.

I have a feeling that Steve would probably rather graduate and join the football team than be part of any Civil War.



Not much has changed!


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