Whose Side are You ON: Star Kid

Last time, the ominous shroud of the Baby Geniuses loomed large over both teams.

Star Kid

Some kid that was in a lot of 90's movies found himself a sentient suit of armor made by aliens.

Danger Assesment

The suit was moderately powerful, with various long range energy weapons. However, the suit can run out of power, leaving the host a sitting duck.


Where would they stand.

As an 90's child who already got roped into an intergalactic war without much in the way of evidence which side was in the right, I feel Tony Stark could definitively  sweet talk him into joining the pro-government side.

He's probably too rad and extreme to go with the boring ass  traditional type hero.


Continued victory on team Reg. Looks like Cap is on the rope on the final stretch of the competition. Can he turn it around, or is this how his Chronicle ends?


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