Whose Side are You ON: My Super Ex Girlfriend

 Last Episode, Meteor Man delivered for team Anti-Reg. Tony immediately started browsing his contacts to call...

My Super Ex Girlfriend

 Empowered by a meteorite(Or so she says...) G-Girl is a superhero, but also a total nutcase and terrible at rejection.

Danger Assesment

G-Girl has the Base Superman, with the eyebeams. With that said, she also has a weakness where the rock that gave her powers can also take them away, and even give them to someone else. HEEEEY, what is this, Meteor Man?


Where would they stand.

While G might want a normal life and appreciate anonymity, she is obviously susceptible to even low player game if she fell for Luke Wilson. I say, it won't take  Tony  but a night to convince her to his side.

With that said, this would also require Tony Stark to keep it in his robopants when it comes to other women for a prolonged time, and she's proven highly emotional and dangerous. I would suggest NOT to screw around with her too much.


45(points added to account for G-Girl's mental instability)

Anti-Reg facing a 5 point disadvantage.They're gonna have to put the word out if they hope to win!


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