Whose Side are You ON:Meteorman

In our last round, Ben Stiller and his buddies stood firmly on Ironman's side of the deal, bushing back Anti-regulation yet again. It's time to really rock!

Meteor Man

Meteorman recieved great powers from a meteor, and became the Super Hero of the Ghetto.

Danger Assesment

While the base power setting of Meteor man is The Basic Superman, he does a a variation on it. Upon touching a book he can absorb the contents and teachings without any of that nasty reading.


Where would they stand.

Meteor Man is a minority superhero living in the ghetto. For him, The Man is not trustworthy. He might or might not be worried about his identity getting out, and he might or might not trust a guy like Cap. But if it's

between trusting The Man and trusting people who don't trust the man, then expect to see this guy behind Old Caps.



Meteor Man takes Anti-Reg to victory yet again!  Things are getting tight, Tony! Maybe a woman's touch will turn things around!


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