Whose Side are You ON: Mystery Men

Team America, with the help of Mighty Med, managed to bridge the gap caused by the Greatest American Hero and Mighty Med. But out of the shadows...Mystery Men!

Mystery Men


Mystery Men is the story of a bunch of C and D listers living in a world where there are no B listers, and one A lister, who dies. And so they step up to the challenge with their ridiculous gimmicks, and defeat the evil

Casanova Frankenstein, and even meet an unexplicable cameoing Michael Bay.

Danger Assesment

One of them is Ben Stiller, with the relative strength and agility of a Ben Stiller.

No, actually, these guys don't have much in the way of Super Powers, or even gadgets, except for The Bowler, who can throw a bowling ball containing her father's skull  and it homes in on evildoers.


Where would they stand.

These guys aren't even trying to hide their identities, and don't really HAVE any powers to register. I'm inclined to believe they would side with Tony Stark and Da Man.  Not that they would would be a lot of help, but hey,

 who would seriously beat up WIlliam H Macy? He's Hollywood's kindly father figure!



It's not mystery that Team Reg is pushing ahead ahead. Caps is gonna have to look in the unlikeliest of places to eke out a victory!


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