Whose Side are You ON: Mighty Med

 Cap took a beating last time with a little help from The Greatest American Hero, but perhaps he can still fly away on a wing and a prayer! A MEDICAL wing!

Mighty Med

Because they didn't know that they'd bought the most popular superhero franchise in the world, Disney Greenlit a series about a super hero hospital featuring original spoof heroes all over.

Danger Assesment

While the individual staff members have a variety of powers, as "normos"(non-super powered humans) barely make any part of the staff, the ability to quickly and effectively treat the wounded superheroes would be a major asset for either side.


Where would they stand.
The Hospital operates completely independently from the government and has a large non-disclosure policy. Obviously they would be expected to hand private medical information to the government and obviously they would say no. Sorry, Tony. Hopefully you can get Night Nurse to help you out.


 team reg 37
team antireg 35

No way! Shellhead with the comeback! Perhaps Caps can learn from Mighty Med and get a couple of Normos to help...


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