Whose Side are You ON: Wordgirl

With G Girl at his side, Tony has a comfortable advantage. But Captain America doesn't know the meaning of the word "surrender"

Wordgirl comes from the planet Lexicon, and fights crime on earth under a secret identity.

Danger Assesment
Wordgirl has  the typical super speed and super resistance, but her real power comes from her vocabulary.


Her sidekick Captain Huggy face, does not, but he does have great Kung Fu ability.

Where would they stand.

Wordgirl's secret identity is of the utmost importance. She can't sign with the government. She's on team Captain America.

Captain Huggy Face, though, is a wildcard, and known to publicdly disagree with Wordgirl. I see him more as a Ironman type.

51(points To account for Captain Huggy Face switching sides)


They Switch places yet again! But if Captain America can use a little girl at his side, then 3 can play that game!


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