Whose Side are You ON: Dr Horrible's Sing along Blog

In our last episode, Megamind and Metro Man took  Caps all the way to a comfy lead. Maybe a different kind of villain-hero duo can take things in a different direction...

Dr Horrible's Sing along Blog

Starring in musicals? DEAD GIVEAWAY.


Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer are archenemies, in both the field of one of them being a hero and the other being a villain, and  for the affections of a lady that the Doctor accidentally offed.

Danger Assesment

Dr Horrible is your typical evil inventor.

 Captain Hammer is basically a Strong, Bullet proof man.


Where would they stand.

Well, Dr Horrible  is a villain, so he's probably not interested in supporting either side. Captain Hammer, though, is a violent sociopath that doesn't care about anyone. I can see him backing Tony Stark very easilly since it'll probably be the more popular opinion with people.


Cutting it close. We're almost done! It's getting kind of dark, man!


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