Whose Side are You ON: 6 Hundred Million Dollar Man (And Bionic Woman)

In our last round, Megamind and Metro Man put Team Cap closer to  to the gold. Can technology get Tony back on track?

6 Hundred Million Dollar Man  and Bionic Woman


Steve "Not Stone Cold" Austin had a bad accident, so the government made him a cyborg. There is also a bionic woman they made too, his girfriend Jaime Sommers .
Danger Assesment

Steve and Jaime's Bionics allow them to move faster, and be stronger than most people in the world, as well as other nifty abilities such as x-ray vision.

Where would they stand.


Steve Austin already works for the government and conceals his face never. He's on team Stark by Default.



By my estimation, there's only a few rounds to go. And this round will decide...who lives...and who DIES...and it's gonna get dark, man...


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