Fighting Hero of the Galaxy

I just want to quickly, and offhandedly announce my intention to publish a book. It will be a remake of the movie Star Oddysey. I talked about ot once. Remember?

While this might seem like one of my many unfinished projects, the only thing this one is missing is a cover and some promotion. So, I'm beggining to work on promoting it.  

Some pre-viz. What? I'm a visual person.

The book will be called Fighting Hero of the Galaxy. I'm making it available after July. I take the original, silly template of Star Odyssey and turn it into a full-bore space thriller.   I don't want to let on too much, but let's just say I infused it with mordern sci-fi dynamics while subverting many conventions of the standard space story. I wrote it, then translated to Spanish, because I can.  Just stay tuned. I think you'll like it.


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