Coming to America?

I have recently recieved word from my aunt, who lives in that big, weird, faraway land known as the United States that my extended family there really have a nice plan that could involve me. I could move there at least temporarrilly and work in a warehouse, earning in a week more than I earned in a full month of my museum job.

First off; I have never gone farther than one of the sorrounding Sub-islands in Puerto Rico. I've always known that in the end, it would come down to me following my dreams, and following your dreams in here is hard if your dreams involve making games, movies, comics or somesuch like me.I'm becoming increasingly convinced that I should at least try it out until they call me back from the museum job. That said, once I'm out there making money, I'll have more oportunities.

I've always been fond of the U.S. Even though I'm not a crazy PNP or anything, I do feel Stateship for PR is a great oportunitty for us. I don't consider myself American, at least not yet, but I do feel there are elements we could and should adapt from up North. That aside, though, there are a number of elements about it that frankly scare the crap out of me? I haven't been seriously beat up here, and I don't wanna run across Biker gangs, White hoods, or any of that crap that comes up in the movies. I also don't wanna die of hypothermia, or be attacked by a moose or bear. I know those sound like cartoon concerns, and I don't think there'll be a Moose Mikergang in the airport. But as I've said, I've been pretty safe in my island, and there IS crime here.

Should I leave my own country/commonwealth to persue MY American dream? Or maybe stay in the safety of my island, slowly moving towards my appointed target of making a living out of drawing?


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