Why Superman can be good and you can like him for it Part DEUX

Now, a lot of talk has been done about about wich villain should be in a new movie. Recent news would have it that the sequel to Returns would be called: Superman Unleashed. The movie, as far as I've heard, is about Superman becoming mad as hell and dating an Indian scientist(?).

Before you hear my thoughts on this, though, let me tell you something. While many believe Lex Luthor is played out and should not be in a future movie, I disagree. See, Lex Luthor, when done right, can be a facilitator to villainy, even a Supervillain himself(by way of his Armor, as well as any other gain of powers). Don't discount Luthor because of what happened in the last couple of films. As a mad Scientist he can invent things to destroy Superman, or create his villains(Bizarro). As a white collar criminal, he can be the one guy Supeman can't just punch.

Now, who do I think should be the villain? Let's have a look.

Eh...no. Doomsday, while famous because of the death of Superman story, is not, in fact, all that great. A fight with Doomsday can't be paused, he just destroys and destroys and he doesn't stop. While that's good for a bit, building a story around Doomsday doesn't sound all that good to me. And after last time's "Superman's almost death", does anyone really think the Death of Superman is a good follow up?

My personal thoughts on Darkseid is that he's a good choice after being set up for. He should not apear in a first movie because he's a hard act to follow. You see, while Doomsday may be the character that broke Superman physically, Darkseid is the character that would break his spirit. In the animated series he MADE HIM CRY! So, at least for me "just bring in Darkseid" doesn't cut it. Besides, Darkseid doesn't just ever arrive by himself and he would never work for anyone else.

Brainiac is such an open ended villain, I think he has the best chance of being the next villain. And there's various lessons about being human and having emotions wich could be learned. Brainiac is probably one of the better choices.

Metallo: Metallo is a good choice, too. Though, again, Metallo IS just a Superrobot. He's good as a threat, but the motivation, I don't know if it's there.

Zod: Why not, since Synger apparently can only emulate the Donner films, he might as well pull of this. Again, Zod would be kind of cool, but it's 2009: We've Seen Spider-Man punch Doctor Octopus, we've seen The Neo/Smith fight and we've seen Hancock. A Superfight between Zod and Superman shouldn't involve a bunch of grandstanding like last time.

Bizarro: I think Bizarro, Superman's failed clone, could make a couple of interesting stories. Plus: Superfights.

Those are the basic choices most people think about. I want to Suggest something else, though, because I just thought about it yesterday.

Superman vs The X-Men.
No, not really. I mean, If Superman were to face a group of Metahumans including Livewire, Parasite, Atomic Scull, Toyman or even Intergang. The importang thing is that it doesn't have to be one really strong guy(irl) who battles Superman. And certainly, while Livewire isn't gonna sell the movie, we learned from X-3 that a good amount of fan favorites can pack the theater. A group with the power or technology should amp up the ante without it becoming a sequel to Hulk. Here's a list.

In fact, DC comics is owned by Warner wich means they can use whatever villain DC comics has.

The door's open for something really good and innovative. Hopefully, Bryan Singer and the dumbasses at WB won't screw it again. Now, look to the Spider-Man movies. They sought out the villains that would really make a cool movie experience. They didn't say "Oh, let's have the Jackal show up!" Come on, it's not that hard. You don't have to be a hardcore fan to realize wich villains would be good.


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