Why Superman can be good and you can like him for it...cast!

Well, I know what you may be thinking: Rumors abound that the next film may be a sequel to Returns. Why focus on the cast?

Well duh! First, I'm hoping it's not. Starting from zero has the better chance of producing a good film(even for you, guys who loved Returns. Do you want to see the death of Richard and Jason?) Secondly, I think they can do better, frankly. Don't look at me with those soft round eyes! You know I'm right. Sure, you might have liked Routh or Spacey, but let's speculate of who could be directed to do better. Plus, I'll examine wich black people could play the role if they where chosen. Wll, I AM curious(black!)

Clark Kent/Superman.
This guy was pretty cool in Stardust. And he was in the second Narnia movie. Can't tell you if it was any good, but he looked kickass. Yeah, he's no muscle toned wrestler. But that can ba arranged and, to be frank, I don't want HHH as Superman.

Curious (Black!) Superman?
What? He's awesome in all of everything.

Lex Luthor:There's two choices I think can be good. The firs one is Steward Head. He was in Repo: the genetic opera. I suggest you watch it if you haven't. You will not regret.

Kiefer Sutherland could also play Lex. A different kind of Lex, but not in a bad way.

Black Lex Luthor? Collin Salmon!

Lois Lane: Rosario Dawson! Yeah, I know this ruins the race alternator. But for what it's worth, I think she should be Lois Lane. Try this: Search for a picture of Lois in Google. Now, Eliminate Smallville and Returns from the search. Do you see any pattern in the results, other than dark hair? Exactly.
If you don't like that choice, pick Mila Kunis.
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