Superman: Up in the Sky!

The Reboot is coming! I feel it! Sadly, I don't feel it coming soon enought. Still, this is more or less my dream-concept poster.

Edit: I decided to latch my first rough draft here.

Superman: Up in the Sky

Narrator: I don't know where the story actually starts. I can only tell you where I come in on it. Me and

your father, we where just relaxing. We were so young, and so in love. When all of a sudden, a star fell,

lighting the night sky.
(We see a meteor-like crash within running distance of the couple, the force of the impact actually shaking their

clothes and potentially blowing their hats off, if they have them.)
Narrator: Ah, we ran towards the star, and it blossomed, and inside of it, where you. Soon, men came for you.

They took the star. And would have taken you too. But we took you for our son, and they where never the


(We cut to the face of Clark Kent , age 7,at the Kent's sprawling rural home in smallville, pondering while

watching his mother, his eyes wide open)

Child Clark: Am I Jesus?

Martha Kent(was also the narator): No, son, it is a bit more complicated than that.

(Cue the intro credits)

We see the Kent family talking in the living room, while the movie "Prince of Egypt" plays in the TV.

Jonathan Kent: What we're trying to tell you, son, is that, the strange things that are happening to you, the

way you fell of the roof and didn't hurt yourself, you heard mommy talking while she was at

Grandma's, these things are happening to you and we don't know why. And we're gonna have to learn to keep

these things secret. Because you don't want to people to be afraid, of you, now? you want to go

outside and play some baseball?

Clark Kent: Sure, thing dad...

(We see Pa Kent, gearing up for a pitch, and a confused Clark Kent at bat. Pa Kent Pitches, and Clark hits

it...into dust.)

Jonathan Kent: Son, you may one day be the greatest baseball player that ever lived. But now, what will

happen when they try to take your blood to test it?

Clark: The Needle will break?

Jonathan Kent: That's right. What if you swing too hard and hit the umpire? You may hurt him. So we're gonna

practice this every day,until you learn to control that strenght.
(The sound of a motorcycle interrupts P a Kent from further talking.It's Sid, a brawny, bald, scruffy man.

And he is seen entering his home and inmediateley battering his wife.)

Jonathan Kent: It's just Sid. It's amazing he even HAS a wife at all.Let's get inside, Clark.
(Clark is seen getting inside and enjoying a meal, but still being able to hear the domestic violence being

executed by Sid)
Clark: Dad? I can still hear the fighting.
Jonathan Kent: I'll go check it out.
Martha Kent: No, you won't! This looks like a job for the police!
Jonathan Kent: Well, all right. Son, just... try to bear it out.

(Skip to a scene of Clark, trying to sleep, still hearing crying and sobbing and battering. He looks out of

his window, and begins looking throught the walls of the neightbors house with a peering X-Ray vision. Seeing

a domestic dispute, he also notices that his dad is almost at their door. Shift focus to Clark's ears as he

begins hearing telescopically the sound of his father being threatened by a violent Sid. Then the sound of

struggle as a fight breaks out. Clark screams.)

(Cut to later, when the fight is already over and police officers are escorting a beaten Pa Kent back into

his house. Clark and Martha are also entering.)

Officer1: Now, we don't wanna get called again about this, Jonathan. You just stay away from Sid.

Jonathan Kent: Yeah, Yeah. I'll call the coroner when that Neandertal kills his wife. That way, you won't

even have to get out of your asses!

(Clark is seemingly bothered by this event, but Ma Kent takes him to his room.)

(Next morning we see Clark and Pa Kent, again engaged in the "baseball" excercise. Clark is still visibly

bothered, and as such he is destroying every pitch.)

Jonathan Kent: Is something wrong, son?

(Clark purposedly swings and misses with a sigh)

Jonathan Kent: Good one!

Clark: Why did you go to Sid's house yesterday?

Jonathan Kent: Well, Clark, it was a foolish thing I did. You're mom and you depend on me, and I depend on

you both as well. We're all we have and we can't risk losing each other. But there are people in this world,

son, that have no one to depend on. Not a single friend, not anybody who cares. People like Sid's wife. If it

were your mom getting beat up in there, we would like to think somebody's gonna stand up for her.

Clark: Then why's mom angry at you?

Jonathan Kent: Because momma loves you and me so much, she doesn't want any harm to come to us. In her heart

she feels just as strongly about...

(Martha Kent aproaches)

Martha:(seeminly cross) Jonathan Kent: don't you dare say another word...

(Jonathan Kent stumbles for an answer)

Martha: Gotcha! Now, come on Clark, it's time for theater class.

(Cut to a fullfledged montage of Clark training in acting and wardrobes with his mother, as well as training

using his all his powers but flying with his father. At the end of the montage, we see a teenaged Clark,

finally batting baseballs)

(As teen Clark watches the baseball land, he also notices his mother aproaches to talk to his father)

Martha Kent: Honey, I think it's time.

Clark: What time?

Martha Kent: Young, man, don't use those big ears of yours to eavesdrop. Now, get you're good clothes on.

We're going to look at your star!

(cut to The Kent's arriving to a barren site via their pickup truck. They move into a patch of dirt marked

with a sick with a red hankerchief on it.)

Jonathan Kent: It's under there son. I... doubt you need help digging so ...ah...
we'll be in the car.

(Quick cut to Clark digging a capsule out of the earth. Young Clark touches a circular receptacle, wich

results in the capsule opening up. Clark is visibly awestruck. Inside there lay various very non-earthly

looking objects, including a small metal-ish triangle. Clark picks it up, and as he watches it, it shoots a

bean of light into his eyes.He is frozen)

(Cut to Clark in holographic construct world full of strange kryptonian symbols. A voice beckons in


Clark: What? What is this? Where am I?

(The voice goes on for a bit, then resumes in english.)

Voice:Greetings. Aquiring the knoweledge of the language you are using is difficult for this system. But

succesfull aquisition of it is now complete. What information do you require?

Clark: Who are you? And who am I?

Voice: You are Kal-El, son of Jor El and Lara Inze, and influencial family of the Planet Kripton. The

Kryptonians where a mighty race, but also very proud. The planet was engulfed in world wide war, and

eventually powerfull weapons destroyed most it's inhabitants. Your father tried to warn against this

scenario, but his superiors where not open to his warnings. Unable to leave the planet because of a

planetwide quarrantine imposed by the galactic comunity, and unable to even own a ship big enought for his

whole family, Jor El secretely built a small ship that could take you away from Krypton. He set you

provisions that you may remember where you came from, and avoid the situation repeating itself. The planet

was destroyed soon after you where launched. I may be called Bre-ni'ak 1. I am a Coluan information module

designed to safeguard the history of the planet Krypton and it's people.

Clark: Is that why I have this strange powers?

Bre-ni'ak: No. The physicall attributes of the average Kryptonian are almost that of the average human. I

theorize the yelloy sun light must somehow be altering your physionomy. This is not unheard of in Kryptonian

mythology, since the creation of your people.

Clark: What now?

Bre-ni'ak: Whatever you desire. You are the last son of Krypton.

(Clark thinks on this sad reality a bit)

Clark:What else was brought in my ship?

Bre-ni'ak:A Kryptonian ceremonial suit. This was was worn to remember the deliverance from the Okaran's. We

have the design on record, so you may use the Thanagarian Matter arranger to create fresh changes of it.

Included are also...Kal El, my analysis of your anatomy indicates there is yet another ability you have yet

to discover. The power of self propulsion.

Clark: What are you saying?

Brainiac: By using your mind you can manipulate your place in phisical space, essentially enabling you to

disturb gravity.

Clark: I can fly? I need to think about all this.

Brainiac: Very well. Ceasing information trade. Farewell, Kal El.

(Kal El finds himself outside of the simulated experience. His eyes are teart and he's sweating profusely. He

walks stunned by the experiance. He falls to his knees. His parents come to his aid.)

Clark: They're...dead...

(Cut to the Kent home, where Clark is just done digging the pod into the Kent's yard, while his parents

watch. He is visibly sad and disapointed. Ackward silence until Clark speaks.)

Clark:I used to look at the stars. I would look and I wonder why I kept hoping...I kept hoping they would be

people I might meet. Now it turns out I'm in some alien endangered species list. I thought I was here for a

reason, that I was...

Martha Kent: Son, even those who are regular earthlinks wonder what we where born for. God knows I do. But

son, the reason for our lives is one that we make. We don't all get handed a scroll telling us what our


Jonathan Kent: Look, Clark, you're almost a man. You'll be going out to college soon. We've been teaching you

how use control you're special abilities, but also how to hide them for a reason. We want you to be able to

choose if you will live a normal life, going about without anyone knowing you're not like them, or in fact

rise to some unknown level of importance. It's not our place to decide that. Only your's. But whatever road

you choose, remember we love you without conditions and without limit.

(As Ma and Pa retire and leave Clark as he beholds the site where he dug. We watches it, almost as if he

where watching a grave. He looks up and beholds the stars in the night sky. Soon he is moving upwards. He

slowly begins moving upward. At first he is startled by this, but it becomes more comfortable as he continues

on. Soon he is propelling himself throught the air, swooping in an out and barreling. Afte a while, he stops.

His hearing picks up yet another fight between Sid and his wife. As his enhanced senses let him watch the

whole situation a fierce determination sets in)

(Cut to the scene, where the obviously inhebriated Sid is screaming at and manhandling his wife.)

Wife: I'm sorry Sid! But the stove broke down! How can I cook you're food if the stove ain't working?

Sid: Do you not me? I've been bustin' my ass out there, and I can't even come home to a hot meal? The hell's

wrong with you?

Wife: It won't happen again?

Sid: I'ma make sure it don't!

(Sid grabs a baseball bat from a table, and begins aproaching his Wife...until Clark busts throught the


Sid: What the? Son, you' better have money to pay for that roof, you asshole?

Clark: I have been hearing you do this for years. And you know what I think? I think you only beat her

because you're stronger than her. But that stops right now. You(to the Wife) are gonna take some money and

leave this place. You don't have to listen to this guy anymore.

Sid: Who the hell are you to come to my house and say that?

Clark: I say so because I'm stronger than you.

(Sid Proceeds to hit Clark on the head with a baseballbat. The bat breaks. Clark is unfazed)

Sid: What the hell are you? I'm gonna get my shotgun!

(The wife runs away, fearing what will happen. The camera follows her as she leaves the house. She hears a

shot and shot. As she looks back, she sees Sid plow throught the wooden door of the house.She aproaches


Clark: Don't worry, ma'am. He'll live. In fact, I should apologize. I had been hearing your pain, and...well,

I should have gotten involved sooner. But I guess now both of us have a chance for change, huh?

(The Woman, awestruck, leaves. We see a feeling of satisfaction on Clark's face. He definitively feels good

about having helped the woman)

(Cut to Clark, already an adult, getting on a bus. He sits next to an middle aged-to-old lady.)

Old lady: I recognize that face, sonny. You're fresh off college and you're looking to make it in Metropolis.

Clark: How's you know?

Old lady: You're graduation cap fell before you entered the bus. And besides, I've seen them that face a

million times. I had it myself when I was a young med graduate, ready to save some lives, make a difference,

and all that stuff.

Clark: Really? Can I ask how did that go?

Old Lady: Well, It always starts with a passion. Then reality hits you. Everyone's out for themselves.

Looking for their own skins. And you still have to pay your bills. People will use you if you let them.

Before you know it, you too are working everyday just for sheer survival. Looking after no.1 alone. But you

have got to see the city, though, it's a sight to behold especially when you fly there.

Clark: Do you fly?

Old Lady: Of course! I'm not so old I can't take a plane! When you see the city from above, you'll

understand. And it's got all sorts of amazing inventions and science things going on. They even call it the

city of tomorrow. But, uh, I think this is my stop. Good luck out there.

(The old lady leaves the scene. We see Clark slightly concerned, but still hopefull.)

(We see the bus stopping in a station. Clark gets down an sees the impossibly high sky scrappers towering

overhead. He starts walking around, until he he reaches a crossway. He notices only very few men in the

crossway don't have white button shirt's with ties on. So he heads to a clothing store and buys, then wears,

that exact same set. Clark resumes again walking among the crowd and soon, to his satisfaction, blends in...


(Cut to the Daily Planet, a massively busy hive of offices and cubicles and people writting in their

computers.Clark walks into this enviroment with amazed eyes. He stops to ask:)

Clark Kent: Excuse me, sir! Where is the office of Mr(reaches for a card in his pocket) MR Perry White...

Jimmy Olsen: It's that door over there, dude. You see the one that says "Perry White, Editor in Chief"?

Clark: Yeah, sorry.

Jimmy Olsen. No, that's okay, I'm actually new here too. Name's Jimmy Olsen.

Clark Kent: Clark Kent, nice to meet you.

Jimmy Olsen: You have got to wait a bit, though, the lioness is having a roaring match with the gorrilla.

(Clark shoots him a look that essentially says "What the fuck?")

Jimmy Olsen: Sorry, you aren't in on the joke yet. You...son will.

(Clark, utilizing his amazing senses of sight and hearing, beholds what unfolds inside the Editor in Chief's

office. Inside, Lois Lane argues with Perry White)

Lois Lane: Just, run the story, Perry, that is all I ask. That is all I need!

Perry White: The source is too unreliable for the kinds of accusations you have going on.

Lois Lane: Perry, please! I had to pay some guy in the Suicide Slums for the scoop! And I almost get


Perry White: Yes, I want to encourage that kind of unrequested risk taking by running your story. That's

exactly what I'm about to do!

Lois Lane: You're in his pocket, too, aren't you? What are you getting in exchange for helping cover up that

son of a bitch?

(Perry White grows silent for a bit.)

Perry White: I get to keep my best reporter.

(Lois grows silent. Perry notices Clark is already waiting and motions for him to come it.)

Perry White: You're the new guy, right?

Clark Kent:Yes.

Perry White: Then welcome aboard. You already met Jimmy, our photography intern. And this is Lois Lane, on

eof our top reporters.

Clark Kent:A pleasure, ma'am.

(His prescence is not even acknoweledged by a visibly angry Lois Lane)

Perry White: Says here you come from the town of Smallville and took journalism classes at Midville

Universty. What makes you think you can come into the biggest newpaper into the biggest city in the West

Coast and become a reporter?

Clark Kent:Well, I thought with our declining print news outlets it wouldn' all that...

Perry White: Well, let me tell you something: There are two kinds of reporters here: There are reporters who

give up, and just tell me off and quit, and there are reporters who have had restraining orders put on them!

Lois Lane: Guilty.

Perry White: So, I want you to know, you just willingly jumped into a shark tank. You are either a shark or

chum. Your first assignment, though, shouldn't be that hard. Lex Luthor is unveiling his new children's

hospital with a charity gala.I'm sending you, Jimmy Olsen, and Miss Lane over there to get the story and I

want you to make sure the story is printable.

Lois Lane: You're sending us to do PR for the guy, now? Now that's some salomonic bullcrap!

Perry White: Get this right, Lane! And teach this guy the ropes. That is all.

(The next we see Clark, Lois and Jimmy they're bolting out of the Daily Planet. Lois is still visibly mad,

Clark is not oblivious to the ackward factor of the situation. Jimmy Olsen is, whoever, insistent on

blabbering on.)
Jimmy Olsen:(to Kent) So she says "sure, you can take my picture, as soon as you get out of my pool!". And I

was like, "That's super, girl!".
(Lois stops walking and adresses Jimmy and Clark)
Lois: Allright, you guy's are new to this whole thing. What can you offer me?
Clark: What can we offer you? But Perry...
Olsen: I can take a snapshot of a bird in it's nest and manage to make the bird look sad because of Global

Lois Lane: Can you make people look shady?
Olsen: Oh yeah.
Clark Kent: I took journalism at...
Lois Lane:(she let's out an exhasperated sigh) You're new to this town, arn't you? Let me fill you in: nobody

cares about what you studied, what you suffered, or about your fricking background! What people care about in

this town is how you have to offer to them. I don't WANT to baby-sit some newborn reporter who's fresh of

nowhersville, either. So how about making yourself USEFULL and carrying our bags?
Clark: Allright, ma'am. (Next, we cut to the charity

event, where the cities rich and beautifull are gathered in a nice indoor roomwith a big stage.A man takes

the stage.)

Host:Welcome, welcome! It is an honor to have the best and brightest of our town gathered here, for such a

noble cause. And speaking of noble, how about a big round of applause for one of our guests of honor, Bruno


(Bruno Manheim takes the stage.)

Bruno Manheim: Yes, it's good to be here. Thank you all for coming. You know, when they asked me if the

Hospital was being made too fast, I asked: Who's speed are you talking about? Because the kids need it now.

The, you know, the orphans that are unable to pay for medical services, they need a place for medical

treatment. And God knows that the politicians aren't gonna be the one's to do it. And so, the Manheim

foundation and the...

(Lois Lane watched the speech, still pissed off. All of a sudden, she seems to have an idea. She waves at

Clark and Jimmy)

Lois: Wait here...

Clark: Wait, what?

(His words are dismissed, and Lois goes on to sneak throught the rest of the building, eventually reaching a

doorway, only to be stopped by Mercy, Bodyguard to Lex)

Mercy: This area's off limits...but you alrady knew that, didn't you?

Lois: Can't blame me for trying, though. When I find the link between Luthor and those weapons...

Mercy: You won't. Whoever fed you that information is a liar...a filthy, dead liar.

Lois Lane: Why do you do this? Is the pay really that good?

Mercy:I was about to ask the same thing...

(Meanwhile, Clark's see-thru vision allows him to see a small group of bouncers closing in on Lois, and Mercy

becoming more and more agressive with her)

Mercy: You leave me no choice, Lois(knuckles crack). Mr Luthor isn't gonna like this...but I think I will...

(All of a sudden Clark apears, pretending to be lost.)

Clark:(to Mercy) Excuse me, Ma'am: can you tell me wich way to the bathroom? Oh, high, Lois!

Mercy: What are you doing here? Does the term "employees only" mean anything anymore? Get out of here, both

of you!

Clark and Lois both head out of the building, and Jimmy, who has been flirting a party atendee instead of

taking pictures, follows them.

Clark: What's going on, Lois?

Lois Lane: What does it matter to you, anyway? Did you write anything?

Clark: SOmewhat, I interviewed two...

Lois Lane: THen fine, write that, cash your check, and forget anything else happened!

Lois gets in her car and drives away, leaving Clark and Jimmy to take the bus back to work.

Clark: She's in a bit of a bad mood, isn't she?

Jimmy: Ya think? She's pissed as hell, because she wanted to brought a story and Perry said no. But the boss

didn't want her linking the towns main criminal outfit to Metropolis'favorite son.

Clark: Who?

Jimmy: You really ARE new in town. His name's Lex Luthor. He's a corporate Tycoon and inventor. Everytime you

see a mindblowing new technology in Metropolis, it came from his bald ass head. He's pretty well liked, for a

pompous egomaniac. Clark, the bus is here, let's not miss it.

(Skip to a nice looking table overlooking the city, where the towns mob bosses are reunited,including Bruno

Manheim and await for someone. Suddenly, that someone shows up. It is Lex Luthor)

Lex Luthor: Thank you all for coming. Let's just get down to buissiness. The peace between the different

groups that overlook our towns underground activities has been very profitable for you. However, people feel

too safe. My security and police divisions are in a slump. This is why I feel, we need to break the truce and

restart the war, and have Intergang win it.

Yakuza leader: But What about our agreement? We are not giving up the Southland Slums!

Lex Luthor gets up and gets behing the Yakuza Leader.

Luthor: And what if I tell you you have no say in the matter? Will you start war over it? Because that is

certainly what I want. Now you may be wondering just HOW is Intergang gonna win. And my answer is, throught

technology. Bring them in, Mercy.

Mercy brings a cart full of Space age looking weapons.

Luthor: This babies are the kind of thing the military industrial complex is working on right now. They can

turn a regular person into a pile of wax easilly. Now, when Intergang hits your componds with this, nobody's

gonna think you're a pussy for backing away. Any questions?

Bruno Manheim: Mr Luthor, how are you gonna just give us the weapons? Won't they link it back to you?

Luthor: No, see: I won't give Intergang the weapons. Intergang will STEAL them from me. Well, gentlemen, it's

been a pleasure. If you want to try and kill each other as you leave, it would greatly help my cause.

(As they leave, Luthor begins making his way throught the building, as he is followed by his assistant Mercy)

Luthor: Mercy give me the news.

Mercy Graves: The LX 19 is delayed 5 month's. Irons says it's too fast for the human body to recist.

Luthor: Put 15 more engineers on it. Add a Billion dollers.

Mercy Graves: News media division is up. But the Entertainment channels are down.

Luthor: Put reality shows in there. And have them adapt more comics into cartoons. That's always good for

some income.

Mercy Graves:DR Fine had a nervous breakdown and his staff had to...

Luthor: What is on your mind, Mercy?

Mercy Graves: Lex...Why don't you just take over all the gangs? Get the money yourself?

(Luthor watches two separate antfarms in his office.)

Luthor: Why would I? I can have pretty much have anything I want. The problem with this is I already have all

I want. So, now that I've reached the ceiling when it comes to material possetions, I'm more interested in

doing. I can do anything I want, can't I? So to answer your question, Mercy...I do it because I can. And If

I want to stage a little diversion for this city, MY city, in the form of a big crime turf war...Who's gonna

stop me?

(Cut to Perry White's office, where Lois Lane )

White: So, no pictures, no writing and no interviews. How much do you think you should be paid for this?

Jimmy: Well, I think at least...

Lois Lane: DOn't bait him, Jimmy. Look, Perry, I refuse to do anymore stories with the dumb guy!

White: Who, Jimmy? Yeah, he's kind of annoying.

Lois Lane: No, the country bumpkin! He's about as usefull as a bag of rocks and is half as smart.

White: Clark has the kind of writting skills that other newspapers would it! I won't just give him to them!

Tell you what? You can keep investigating Intergang BUT only if you work with him. I'm assigning you 3 as a

team, now. You want an article about Intergang, you get someone on record talking about it. That's it. But

take the day off and think about it. It's your own career at stake, what do I care?

(LLane leaves the office, crossing ways with Clark, who is noticeably pissed off )

Clark Kent:ent: (muttering) Country bumpkin?

Lois Lane: What?

Clark Kent:ent: I said, you left your bag. It's on your desk.

Lois Lane: Oh. Good.

(Skip forwar in time. It's night. Clark is seemingly depressed. His day as a normal man was fail. He stares

out the Window. He sees the city, full of life of voices, of movement. He decides. He picks his Matter

Arranger, and after playing a bit with it, begins to pull out a blue fabric.)

(Sudden Cut: Now we are seeing from Clarks perpective. He clearly has a blue skintight suit, we can see it

in his arms. He heads for the Window...and jumps)

(In first person, we experience the Thrill SUperman feels when he flies, when he swoops around the buildings.

He flies high as to get a good glimpse of the city, from above. He hears the sound of strife, warious people

screaming for help...and he dives down. Surprising a gang of criminals who are chasing after a family. The

gang mocks him for the way he is dressed and shoot him for standing in their way, to no effect. He lays the

smack down on them. The sounds of another emergancy, this time it's a drive by shooting stops by carrying the

car into a rooftop. A full on shoot out by two groups is also underway, but Clark melts their weapons in

their hands. Finally flying away from the city, he notices there is no more screaming for help. We now see

his silouette by the moonlight, as he's perched proudly , he catches the sound of a voice familiar to is Lois Lane: her apartment is right under him, and she's talking on the phone)

Lois: It's like he heard me, Lucy, swear to God.

Lucy Lane: Naw, he was probably angry you stranded him off ten blocks from where he should have been.

Lois: You know, once, I was like that guy: I though I could just drop in Metropolis and just change the whole

place. In a way, I still am, but the city is the one that changes one. If you don't get your priorities

straight, you end up on cynical and mad as hell. He'll learn to cope...or he'll wise up and leave town.

(she hears a whooshing sound but as she looks out of the window she sees nothing)

(We again cut to Lex Luthor's office, where Luthor is partying with some whores. All of a sudden, John Henry

Irons bursts through the door, rather furious. Mercy pins him before he can reach Luthor, but Luthor orders

her and the whores away)

Irons: You bastard! You can't give the weapons I designed to the mafia!

Luthor: You grossly missinterpret what I can, or can't do.

Irons: You would put a whole city at risk! This weapons where for military use only! If you unleash them on

the streets, do you know how many folks will die?

Luthor: You see, Irons, that's where the problems start. You design weapons for me. That is your job. And my

job is to best decide how to use them. And I have decided. If we don't honor our agreements, then where will

civilized society go?

Irons: I quit: you can go straight to hell! I'm going to denounce this monstruocity!

Luthor: Sure, you CAN quit. But I do have your families home adress. So I could, and I'm not saying I will,

have my men pick up your niece after school, or pay a visit to old granny at the nursing home. Hell, I could

theoretically tear down the whole neightborhood and turn it into a shopping mall. So, I don't think your

choices are all that great, there. Why don't you home now. And give Natasha my regards.

(He leaves, stunned)

(Cut to The Kent Farm, where the Ma Kent and Pa Kent are awoken in the middle of the night by Clark, who

awaits outside .) They let him in and they sit for coffee.)

Clark Kent: My life as a normal person hasn't been all that great. But when I'm flying around and helping

people it's...fullfilling. It's like lifting a weight from my shoulders. It's who I WANT to be.

Jonathan Kent: But won't people recognize you, I mean, you may want to at least wear a mask.

Clark: They won't. To them, Clark Kent is just some guy that looks like a million other guys.

Martha Kent: And what are you to call this other persona of yours?

Clark: Hell if I know! Hopefully I didn't cause too much of an impression.

Jonathan Kent: Well, it's all good son, and we're proud of you using your abilities for good. There's only

one thing, though. THe Suit you showed us, it's neat... but it doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination.

Clark: What are you saying?

Martha Kent: Well, you might want to wear some pants over them, or something. Or at least some trunks.

(Clark is left to ponder this as we cut to Perry's Office, where we see Perry, Jimmy and Lois reunited)

Perry: Lois, something's come up. The story goes that some criminals where beat up last night, in different

parts of the city.

Lois: Crime in the night? This is serious!

Jimmy: It's different. They say a person in a blue suit did it, and that bullets didn't harm him. There are

various witnessess.

Perry: The other media outlets think it's some cockamamie story. BUt I know there is at least something to

it. It could be the story of the century! So I'm gonna have to transfer Clark to that story. I'll have him

talk to some of the victims of this vigilante.

(Clark enters just then)

Jimmy: If it's true that he flies, maybe I should acompany Kent so I can snap some pictures. A flying man,

now that's a cover!

Perry:No! Get going, you two! Clark, stay, I have something you'll like.

We see Clark, interviewing people and asking if they had seen the flying man. As Clark makes his way though

the Slums, nobody seems to have any definitive answers. Until he comes across one of the folks he rescued.

Witness: Yeah, I seen him. We would be at the morgue today, if it wasn't for him.

Clark: Could you describe it?

Witness: HIM. It was a man, I saw him. He had blue armor, and a red design on his armor.

Clark: What was the face like?

Witness: I think the face was kinda contorted, with pride. It looked like any man's face.

Clark: What do you think he was?

Witness: Look, like I told the police, I don't know anything about who he was. He might be government

experiment or an angel or something else. But whatever he was, he was a man. Just not any man. A better man

than most.

Clark: Well, most men can't fly or carry cars or...

Witness: Yeah, but if they COULD, would they use that ability to help others? Haven't you heard of how power


Clark: And what would you say to that man, if you could talk to him?(Clark begin raising his glasses, but he

notices an increasing heartbeat rate from Witness: he's about to be recognized!

Witness: I would say... what can one say?
(Clark, having finished his interviews heads back to the job, when all of a sudden he notices with his

telescopic eyes a man, threatening from a high rise building.)

(The man is John Henry Irons, and he wants to kill himself. He jumps. But he is carefully picked up by

Superman, who takes him back up to the top of the building.)

John Henry: Who are you? What?

Superman: Let's just say I'm somebody who cares. The better question would be, who are YOU and why did you

want to kill yourself.

John Henry: I...I just wanted to spare my family. I worked for Lexcorp, in the Weapons research laboratories.

I discovered that the weapons I designed where gonna be given off to Intergang and I couldn't tell anyone

because they could hurt my family. So, I couldn't fix my mistake, and I thought that this was a good

solution. A bunch of people are gonna die, and it's all my fault.

Superman: Where are this weapons?

JOhn Henry: They are being delivered by a convoy of non-marked trucks. They are going to assault the trucks


Superman: Not if can help it:

(He begins flying away)

JH: What do I do, know?

Superman: You have been given a rare second chance most people don't get: Make it count.

(He darts of)

Meanwhile, Lois and Jimmy are sneaking in on Manheim estate.

Jimmy: Now, look, Lois: I don't like this Metal Gear Solid crap you want to pull off here!

Lois: Take it easy, Jim. We'll look around for a bit, and if we get caught, we'll just apologize and...

(something caught her eye. A garage full of trucks, they walk in on it. Jimmy begins readying his


Lois: Jimmy, Use the regular camera: Be professional!

Jimmy: I'm just gonna take some videos for my blog.

Lois: In any case, why start now? Save some memory, huh?

Jimmy: It's still got enought for a full day. Now, let's...

(Voices are growing nearer. SOmeone's coming.)

Lois: We gotta hide!:

(They hide inside some crates wich are themselves inside of the trucks. But not before Jimmy drops his phone

at the garage.)

(Manheim and his men arrive. )

Bruno Manheim: So, the weapons trucks will arrive at Centenial Park in half an hour. Just kill everyone quick

and load the weapons on this trucks. Try to make it as clean as possible.

Jacobs: Yes sir.

Bruno Manheim: And if you could bring supper, that would be nice, too.

(The trucks take off, with their stowaways as well as an army of thugs)

The 3 trucks intercept another 3 trucks, who's drivers are killed. Their Cargo, strange weapons, is loaded

into the first 3 trucks. And they begin driving away. When suddenly, Superman swoops in and flies in front of

the first truck and signals for the driver to stop. He's astonished, but determined to deliver his cargo. So

Superman disables one truck by melting its tren delantero. When the drivers of the second truck see this,

they grab their high tech weapons and begin firing. While these weapons don't exactly kill Superman, they do

put the hurt on him. Superman turns it on it's side. The last truck is the one that has Jimmy and Lois in it.

THey are discovered, and taken as hostages. The truck stops. Those inside the cargo compartment don't know

why. Then one by one the thugs inside the cago begin to be snatched away by Superman, who burtst throught the

trucks walls ceiling and floor. Eventually, only Jimmy and Lois are left. They walk out of the truck, only

to see a whole squad of policemen as well as bystanders staring upward. They are watching Superman up in the

sky. They begin to conjecture as to what they might be seeing.(bird, plane, UFO)

Jimmy: It's super, man!!

(THe crowd takes this as if he had said Superman. The name soon catches on, and is soon being repeated all

over the media as they report on at least amateur video sightings of him. But also many questions are raised

about the Superman. Who is he? What does he stand for? Who's side is he on? Superman as of now, gives more

questions than doubt.)

(Perry's office)

Perry: CLARK! I told you you had to get some dirt the guy, didn't I? What did you get? You better had gotten

something if you want to keep working in this newspaper!

Clark: I got the interviews you asked me for, redacted in an article...

(Perry seems disatisfied.)

Clark: AAand...I have it on good sources that the Superman will be on a rooftop at noon south of Hobs River,

to give interviews. I could go, and get the exclusive and...

Perry: No, Kent. This is way over your head and you've done good enough. Lois, get on the case.

Lois: But Perry, why do I have to go talk to some monkey in a blue suit?

Perry: Lois, I feel you would be less threatening and more atractive to this Superman fellow than Kent.

Jimmy: He could be...

Perry: He COULD be, but statistically, that's less likely. Plus, this is the biggest news in essentially

world history! Why wouldn't you want it?

Lois: It's a distraction from the real issue here: Intergang knew exactly the secret routes the Lexcorpweapon

trucks where going. I bet in one year we won't even talk about that Superguy.

(We cut to Lex Luthor, in the Manheim Manor, in the very same garage that Lois and Jimmy sneaked in)

Bruno Manheim: What is your game, now, Luthor?

Luthor: No, what happened had nothing to do with me.

Bruno Manheim: Bullshit! You control everything and everyone in this city! Don't lie to me.

Luthor: The Superman is a wildcard. You said they used the weapons on him, and that didn't hurt him?


Bruno Manheim: What the hell are supposed to do?

Lex: That's what I'm here for. The war on the other gangs is cancelled. The War on SUperman is just

beggining. I'm stocking you up with the weapons directly. THe trucks are on their way If you bring me a

Superman,I will give you the whole city.

Bruno Manheim: But the weapons didn't kill him before!

Luthor: I know. But last time you wern't prepared for it. And you know what they say: If at first you don't


(In a building top overlooking the sunset: Superman flies down on Lois)

Superman: Hi, there. I was expecting someone else.

Lois: So you are the famous Superman.

Superman: Well, it saves me the time it takes to think of a name.

Lois: I'm lois Lane, a reporter from the Daily Planet. A word?

Superman: Yes, your friend told me about you.

Lois: Who?

Superman: The other reporter?

Lois: Oh, the new guy. I bet he's got quite a lot to say about me. So, what's the deal with you? You are

strong enought to punch throught a truck, you can fly. What are you pitching here?

Superman: Pitching?

Lois: What are you selling? A new reality show, an action figure line? What's your project?

Superman: What are you saying?

Lois:Look, it's the 21rst century. People don't just help other people without reason. So either you're

promoting some new product or religion, you're conflicted or tortured, or you want to change the world to

your own views.

Superman: No, neither of those is right. I am the last son of planet krypton. They sent me here so that I

didn't die along with the rest of the planet.

Lois:Do you expect me to believe that?

Superman: No, I don't have proof of that. But if you wanted to take the flying blue man on his word about it,

I wouldn't judge you.

Lois: What do you want, then?

Superman: I just want to help. It's just something I need to do. I mean, what kind of person would I be if I


Lois: A normal person. A regular Joe.

Superman: Maybe that's just what I'm afraid of. If you could be more than you are now,make a difference,

would you?

Lois: It's why I came to this city. I thought as a journalist, I would be able to right some wrongs. But I've

had to steel myself in order to get anywhere. But I think, together, we really can help fix...

Superman: Lois! Get down!

(Superman gets in front of sniper fire directed towards her. He stops it with his chest. THe sniper is a man

on a strange flying contraption on his backpack. Superman chases the man right into Manheim Manor, where

Manheim himself awaits.

Bruno Manheim: Well, well well. The man of Steel has a girlfriend of flesh. You can't protect her at all

times, you know. But It's not her you should be worried about, Superman.

(Manheim's goons use sound based weapons to debilitate the man of steel. Still, Superman beats them, and in

doing so essentially wrecks the Manor until all that's left standing is himself, Manheim, and a few walls.

Manheim is not pleased. Superman roughs him)

Superman: Why did you try to kill her? She's innocent!?

Bruno Manheim: I like collateral damage.

(Superman roughs him up some more)

Bruno Manheim: I work for Lex Luthor! LUTHOR! He owns half the city and he'll get you and her if he wants it!

(Superman roughs him even more)

Bruno Manheim: Hardly an even fight. Maybe next time we'll shoot a school bus, or a chorch! Or you r friend

the reporter. Until you get out of our way!

(Superman gets real angry and almost punches the guy)

Superman: I'm taking you to the police station. And you better confess!

(Superman drops him off at the police station and flies away. Then we see Lex Luthor reading the newspaper.

The headline? "Superman talks: confessions of the self proffesed protector)

Luthor: An alien. He's an alien, Mercy.

Mercy: I know, right? I kept hoping they'd be green skinned and red eyed.

Luthor: First contact and he's already overpowering everyone and submitting them to his will. He's destroying

what took me years to build! WHat I earned with the sweat of my brow!

Mercy: How are you gonna deal with him?

Luthor: Oh, I know how. I will need to call up on a few contacts. But I think this so called "Superman" is in

for a surprise. Call up Madam Roulette, the Cadmus Scouts and, oh! Lois Lane...

(Meanwhile, Lois is sort of talking to Jimmy and Clark at the police station)

Jimmy: Some Superman: can you believe he just carried the guy here in to the steps of the police station?

maybe they don't have due planet on his planet.

Lois: Jimmy, do you think that we're doing a difference? Or are we just looking after ourselves?

Jimmy: Beats me! But at least I get to meet some ladies:

Lois: Knock it off!

Jimmy: All I'm saying is, there's ussually a moment when you have to choose wether to help other's or

yourself. I don't know, they're both good choices.

Clark: I don't think it's really that simple. If more people put their effort into it, we'd have a safer

world. "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." That's Ghandi.

Jimmy: But who's on top of the music charts this week? Ghandi, or Miley Cyrus?

Manheim is seen coming out of the precinct, lawyers in tow and all.

Lois: Mr Manheim, a word?

Bruno Manheim: Sure, you can have a word. You never know when it's gonna be your last.

Lois. How does it feel to be a rat?

Bruno Manheim: I don't know what you...

Lois: You told Superman that you worked for Luthor, correct?

Bruno Manheim: No, see, my attorney told me I can't talk about this Superman. If he's a real person, he's

gonna get into some legal trouble over the damage to my house. And for whatever he told you, he'd be a more

credible if he were here to say it. Hold on, I have a little phone call.

(Clark overhears the other end of the line that Manheim is talking about.)

Lazlo: The bomb is set, MR Manheim.

Bruno Manheim: Good. Set it to 3 minutes. We'll see if he's as omnipotent as he thinks he is.

(Clark: being the only one who knows that there is a bomb, starts walking away as to turn into Superman, so

to speak. But Lois notices)

Lois: Where are you going? We still have to cover this!

Clark: I...left a turkey in the oven, and I need return to my apartment and turn it off!

Lois: Do you think I'm stupid?

Clark: I have my theories. Look, I gotta go, and you don't need me, so get of my back!

(He essentially runs. He finds an alley, and sheds his regular clothes violently.)

(Superman flies desperately thought the city, searching for the bomb with his x-ray vision. He causes a panic

in the city with his actions. Soon, he figures the bomb might just be at the orphan's hospital Manheim was

innaugurating. He uses Superspeed to clear the staff and the patiens, seconds before the explotion. Then, as

he's about to clear the last one, boom. THe bomb explodes. Superman covers the last patient from the debris

with his body as debris falls down and the building collapses. As the rubble clears we realize that Superman

was one second two late. He kneels in front of the victim.)

(We see media coverage, wich focuses on Superman as the possible perpetrator of the attack. It is Lex Luthor

who is watching it. Also sorrounding him are Silver Banshee, Parasite, Manchester Black and Livewire)

Lex Luthor: As your benefactor, I have kept you off front pages and police reports for years. I have done

this for free, so far. But now, I require your special talents to take care of an enemy of mine. Well, ladies

and gentlemen, this is the enemy. He's impervious to bullets and he can survive a building collapse. I need

each of you to describe why you are suited to taking him down.

Manchester Black: I'm a telepath and telekinetic. I can screw with his bloody mind and kill him.

Livewire: I can discharge electricity. Like the Emperor from Star Wars, bu better looking.

Silver Banshee: I can channel the power of an ancient gaelic CULT to yell at high volumes. It's a gift that


Parasite: Boring!

Silver Banshee: Shut up!

Parasite: My power is that can channel the power of an ancient Gaelic cult to yell at high volumes...

Siver Banshee: Hey, that's MY power! You don't have any power!

(she faints. Parasite's hand seems to have some suction cups. Lex Luthor is very interested. He calls Lois

Lane, who's at the DP.)

Lois Lane: Hello?

Lex Luthor: Miss Lane? It's Lex Luthor. I have a proposal for you. One that might result in both of us being

benefitted. Come by my office.

Lois Lane. I'll be there.

(Clark arrives with his work clothes in tatters, and blood on his forehead.)

Lois Lane: What happened to you?

(He looks at her sternly)

Clark: Who am I?

Lois Lane: You're the new guy, eh...Steve?

Clark: I'm quitting. Perry was Right. You were right. I need to dedicate my time to the things and the

people that really need me.

(We see Lois going into Lex Luthor's office)

LLuhor: Hi! Thanks for coming. Please, sit down.

She notices that in the same room is Manheim.

Lois: Lex, if you wanted to kill me, you could have at least kept that bastard away from me. He's disgusting.

Lex Luthor: No, Lois. I actually have a proposal. It's about you and Superman. I am about to give you two

choices that could change your life. Please, stop me if you have any doubts. You know, I have complete

control over this city, or at least I used to. Superman, if that is his real name, has messed the natural

order of things. And at least one innocent person has died, because some blue scout in blue pajamas decided

to just fly in and ruin everything. And now it's out of control. Lois, to avoid anymore bloodshed, we have

to end it. You have to help me kill Superman.

Lois: Why would I help you?

Lex Luthor:I have always apreciated you, Lois. You're one of the few peple in this town of suck ups who has

been willing to stand up against me, even when it is not convenient to you. My ideal rival, if you will. But

either you help me take the alien down, and I will give you your own newspaper to pester me with or don't

help me more people will die. Maybe even those close to you. So , go home and think about it, Lois. You have

one day.

(Lois gets up to leave)

Lois: Are you going to keep your end of the bargain!?

Lex Luthor: Are you gonna believe me if I tell you? You have to risk big if you want to win big...

(Lois leaves)

(We see Clark talking on the phone with his parents)

Miss Kent: But son, you love being a journalist!

Clark Kent:I know, mama. But I can't do both things. The city needs me. There's no one else. I was born to

do this.

Martha Kent: Look, it's nice to help people, but you can't give them all of your time and energy! You need to

set aside some for yourself!

Clark Kent:I am, ma. I am.

(Suddenly Clark notices something in one of the videobillboards around town. It is displaying a video in

wich Lois is announced as reportedly kidnapped, with Superman being offered to surrender himself to save her

by some unIdentified source.)

Clark Kent:Mom, I gotta go. I love you.

Martha Kent: Clark?

(Cut to Luthor's office, where he waits impatiently.

Mercy: Mr Luthor, Superman is here to see you. Should I let him in?

Luthor: Yes, please.

(Superman walks in calmly. He aproaches Luthor, but stops.)

Luthor: It's a pleasure to finally meet you Superman. Take a sit, please!

Superman: There are other people here. I can hear their heartbeats. What sort of game is this? Where is Lois?

Luthor: So you are a man after all! Well, she's alive, I'll tell you that much. As for my game, it's simple.

I will let her go, if you let me test you.

Superman: What?

Luthor: See, I am many things, but most of them, I am an inquisitive mind. I want to see just what your

limits are. Let's begin. Banshee, Livewire, if you will?

(At that point, Livewire and Silver Bandhee pop out of nowhere and attack Superman with electricity and sonic

attacks, respectively. This weakens Superman quite a bit. He throws a fishbowl at Livewire, sending her into

a convulsion. Then he blows cold breath at Banshee until her voice gives out. The end result is a furious

Superman who resumes a furious march toward Luthor. Then out of thin air, Lois appears)

Superman: Lois, are you allright?

Lois: I'm all right Superman, but I...

(SHe begins to be raised telekinetically by Manchester Black, who also telekinetically breaks her neck

killing her. Superman is furious ang grabs Manchester Black by the scruff of the neck, he's eyes aglow with

pure energy and fury)

ManBLAck: What are you going to do, big boy? Kill me? Are you gonne do it?

(Superman, calming down, regains composure)

Supes: No. That's not really Lois: I'm beggining to see through your illusion!

(Superman throws Manblack to the side, and Superman sees the body of Lois disapear and a fully living Lois


Superman: Lois! Let's get out of here.

Lois: No.

Supes: Lois; what are you talking about?

Lois: I think it has gone far enought, Superman. Luthor can't be beaten. Let's not carry an unnescessary war,

here. Just give in, please.

Supes: No. He has gone too far. He has to be stopped.

Lois: He control's the whole city, Clark. He will never be convicted. You cannot win.

Superman: I'd rather be right losing, than wrong on the winning side.

Lois: Suit yourself. I'm joining the winning team.

Superman: I thought you I could trust you.

Lois: What can I say? I'm only human. We can't all be made of steel like you.

Lex: Well, Superman, we seem o be at an impasse. And since I certainly don't have any code against killing.

I will have to kill you. Parasite!

(Parasite grabs Superman and begins draining his energy. When he is strong enough he throws him through a


Parasite: Hey! I've never felt this good in my life!

Luthor: Kill him! Don't just play with him!(Luthor calls the police)

(unheeding, Parasite proceeds to brutally beat Superman through walls and furniture. Until he stomps him in

the chest so hard he pursts through the floor, ending in the parking lot-basement, where a SWAT team awaits

him. Superman is obviously fatigued and not at all at full strenght. THe SWATS yell him orders to yieald, but

end up shooting him. The bullets, while not having the desired effect of killing him, did seem to hurt him.

Until he uses his Superbreath to blow them away harmlessly. He limps until he's out of the building and falls


Superman wakes up in a abandoned Steel mill. He has minor wounds and is weakened. He notices a man working on

a someething on a table he can't see.

Superman: Where is...Lois?

John Henry Irons: She's still with Luthor. Everything is going according to plan.

Superman: Irons?

John Henry Irons: In the flesh. I'm making it count. And you should still be resting. You're weak. I don't

know what they did to you on Luthor's Tower, but I'm sure it wasn't what Lois intended.

Superman: I got the feeling she wanted Luthor to kill me.

John Henry Irons: No. She contacted me because the other guy she was going to include on the plan quit. She

wanted Luthor to trust her so she could investigate Luthor on his own turf. But still she wanted me to tell

you that Jimmy's phone may have recorded information that accuses both Luthor and Manheim.

Jimmy(Arriving) "May?" It's got the whole transaction! Can you believe It's still my first month and I'm

already destined for greatness!

Superman: But I think they have another Idea about it...

(Superman sees a bunch of Itergang cars, Manheim included, coming)

Superman: Jimmy, can you upload the video to the internet before they get here?

Jimmy: It's too big. I'd have to get to a broadband connection, like the library.

Superman: THen go! I will distract them.

John Henry Irons:Take my mottorcycle. I left my stuff at the car. I'll catch up with you.

(As they arrive, amassive battle between Intergang,Silver Banshee, Livewire, Parasite, Manchester Black and

Superman ensues. Meanwhile, Jimmy is chased by Marcy Graves, who attempts to run him over with her black

Limo. jIMMY manages to get away and gets to the computer, where he starts uploading the video. As the loading

bar reaches 99 percent, though, Mercy shoots the computer and the phone with a hand gun. and begins hunting

Jimmy to shoot at as well. Cut back to Superman, who has managed to defeat almost everyone, except Livewire

and Parasite. They are overpowering him .)

Livewire: Burn like a biscuit!

Parasite: I need more power! MORE!

Livewire: The hell? Shut up and attack him!

Parasite: Help a guy out!

(Parasite turns on Livewire and robs her of all her power and strenght. But before he can turn his attention

to Superman, he's already gone.)

Parasite: Talk about your fast food!(He notices Superman is flying over a highway)

(Parasite stomps him down and drives him into the middle of traffic, wich is held up. Superman fights him

off, and runs away)

Parasite: Superman, I thought you were braver. Now look at you now. You thought you where all invincible and

crap. But now, you found your weakness: ME!

Superman: What about your weakness?

Parasite: What? What weakness?

Superman: First pf, your greed. You stole the electricity from the girl. You could have just absorbed mine.

Second of all, water.

(Parasite realizes he is standing right aside a water tanker truck, wich Superman splits in half with his

heat vision. Water pours out, causing a short circuit in Parasite that leaves him scarred, purple and

featureless. Cut to Jimmy escaping from Mercy. Jimmy is just about to be shot by Her, when JHI clobbers her

from behind the back with a sledgehammer.)

Jimmy Olsen: Damn it! She destroyed the computer before I could upload it. And My phone!

John Henry Irons: It's all right.

Jimmy: All right? We won't be able to pin this on Luthor!

John Henry Irons: ...(he picks up a small memory chip from the phone)...Its what's inside that counts!

(We cut to Luthor's office, where he and Lois are dining an assistant arrives to tell Luthor something)
Assistant: (Uninteligible)

Luthor: Really: Put it on?

(we see various new reports in Lex's multi-tvscreen display. They are all talking about the scandal of a

video in wich Luthor gives weapons to Intergang.

Lois Lane: Well, how about one Interview? I've got the recorder.

Lex Luthor: Well, what the heck! That record is not leaving this room anyway.

Lois Lane: Well, you used to control the town, before Superman got here. And slowly, but surely, your empire

crumbles. What are you gonna do after you go down?

Lex Luthor: Well, I do have been meaning to return to my early days. Back then it was all about inventing new

and exiting things. I actually do have a small lab to retire to as a back up plan. You know, of all the

people of this town, you where the only one who was willing to stand up to me, even when it was obvious you

could do nothing. I did apreciate that. And it makes it so much harder to have to do kill you.(draws a gun.

Lois Lurches back, making sure to grab the recordes. She backs away until she aproaches a window, then jumps)

(But soon she returns upward again, being held by Superman. She holds the audio recorder mockingly.)

Lois: You gotta risk big to win big,huh Luthor?

(He is speechless and infuriated. As the camera pulls away it is revealed that the police are already on

their way.)

(Daily Planet)

Perry: So Superman agreed to more exclusives to us, huh? How much did you give him?

Jimmy: Nothing. His only requests where that we hire Clark Kent back. But forget that! Look at how many views

my Youtube page has! THey're even calling me Superman's pal!

Perry: Lois, how are we gonna know where the guy even is?

Lois: Whenever we need him, chief. But for now, we still need need to run the story on Milton Fine.

Jimmy: That's what this city needs, more brainiacs!

Lois: Well, let's get going. Hey Clark!

(Clark looks up from his desk)

Lois: Come on, we don't have all day!

(They walk out of the building. Fade to Black. Credits.)

(Stay after the credits Bonus! We see ma, and Pa kent walking out of their farm late at night. and the whole

where the Space Pod was in...IS GONE! As the camera pans away into the sky, we see that in it's place are 3

holes forming a triangle.;.)


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