Out of context Internet comments!

 The internet is often a funny place. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. Here's some copypasted humor that I'm trying to keep from falling through the cracks.

"BlackHussar if you had TOLD me you were a superior mind in the first place I would not have questioned that you knew the intentions of each and every founding father. Please don't be so humble from now on."
"because obama is jimmy carter's political step-child. carter hope o'dummy can surpass carter's one term of complete ineptitude! "
If you can't properly make wordplay out of a man whose name is two Middle Eastern bad-men and a Mortal Kombat character, then your place isn't in Yahoo News.

'@xochi - That technology you're looking for is called "George Lucas dies". '
Strike him down, and he'll become more powerful than you've ever imagined. However, give him a few years for whatever is growing in his neck to be born.


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