Blogging ups and Downs

You know, I didn't start Blogging to make money. Which in hindsight is wise, as I've yet to make any. Still, it, like anything has it's ups and downs.

On the one hand I've  had huge disappointments. Putting myself as a source for the PDSH "Star " page I created lead to a huge amount of views, and that article shot to the top of the stats. I felt like this whole "witting about stuff" stuff was finally going to pay off. But suddenly, after hundreds of 4000+ views it just...stopped.

It turns out the most traffic I've had in any month doesn't translate much of a lot of money. In fact, it's LESS than the time I said Megaman X was in MVC3.

I just assumed PDSH was a goddamn traffic machine.I guess it was a glitch. A damn cocktease of a glitch.

ON the other hand, sometimes it's good to be recognized. Foreskin has put me in their press page. Me. On a press page.  Me? Press? Aww...shucks you guys, you didn't have to! I'm just some guy who doesn't live in his parent's basement because we don't have a basement.

Seriously, I know my opinion isn't important. But to see my logo in a list that includes Comics Alliance and The Times...makes me feel a little proud. Like I'm graduating a little. I mean, if what I say is important to you guys, that makes it important. A little. Sure, like most things in life, it's a temporary importance. But that's the only kind of importance that exists.


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