Dear Mr Forsekin Man maker...

This panel should totally lead to porn.
...I am disappoint. What happened to Foreskin Girl? What happened to US?

I mean, I am terrible at predicting, so it only follows I've been so accurate with what this comic will deliver next, that YOU are cribbing my ideas. Or that it's a predictable affair to guess where a comic against genital modification to a man who is slightly read. Whatever.

The point is: you guys failed to deliver on your end. So I'm afraid I won't talk about Foreskin Man #3. I won't talk about how it's slightly less racially worrying except too late, or how ludicrous it is loinclothed  Africans straight up kidnapped a boy from America JUST FOR THE CIRCUMCISION(score another one for me).  I definitively won't mention how hypocritical Foreskin Man is to rescue a kidnapped baby, when he's the franchises most successful kidnapper.

This "Vulva Girl" bullshit is bullshit. If you're gonna do what I'm saying, do it right. Let's try it:

Oh, I'm sure the next episode, a Legion of Doom style gathering will occur where all the villains will have a goal of delivering 200 foreskins to a demon, Bible style , and they will totally rip out Vulva girl's vulva.  However, she will also gain a pet: Vulvasaur.

Out of my head and stay out!


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