Logic Break down on Nightcrawler

 Let us consider now, the powers and capabilities of Nightcralwer, the X-Man who looks like a deviant art OC for Dante's Inferno.

Besides the heavy handed metaphor of being a religious guy who looks like a devil, Nightcrawler is known for his capacity to teleport. See what happens is, Nightcrawler can immediately decide to be in an entirely different place, and in a puff of smoke, he's there.  As seen here.

But what if Nightcrawler is falling(as often happens)? If he's falling at a certain speed...doesn't he keep falling at that speed?

How do we know this is so? Doesn't his speed "reset" as he goes wherever he goes  when he's not seen? Well, not according to the movies anyway.

So if someone falls off a plane, and Nightcrawler decides to  teleport down, grab that person, and teleports back into the moving vehicle(?), as happend in X-2...shouldn't he fall like a soursop on a manhole?

And you may think I'm ruining it with my overthinking, but there are some cool possibilities to this. If the 'Crawl  wanted a nice push forward, he could keep make a long drop and then teleport feet forward, delivering a nice flying kick to whatever he wants to be defeated.

In fact, he could use this to slow down, if he teleports feet up, lets gravity slow him, and then teleports again.


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