Blue Swan! My FlappyJam Entry.

Hot on the trail of last month's  Candyjam, Itchio has seen fit to make another one inspired by Flappy Bird, a game that totally flew under my radar until  it's creator  took it out of the market. While they may have jumped the gun on his reasons, it's nonetheless a cool idea, and I set off to participate.

My game is called "Blue Swan". As said bird, you must rescue the 7 princesses of the kingdom ad thwart the dark warlock Bartrog.  Follow the arrows to find the princesses underground, in the air, and even underwater, while avoiding spikes, steam, and all manner of pernitious creatures. Get it today!

In truth, I wanted to put some more things in it, especially sounds, But I had much stuff to do IRL. Maybe later, I make update, eh?

 Enought talk! Get it here!


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