Dora The Xplorer!

Today I was kinda joking with my brother. We were talking about making money with our art I told him i've always thought i could do the paintings they do outside of preschools, and went like "I'd do a furious Dora the Explorer fighting Ming-ming from Wonderpets." I backed away from him, and drew it, just for thrills.
I sort of pictured it could be a comic cover, with the text and logo and all. Like with the legend "THIS IS SERIOUS!" So I did others.

Dora meets Kai Lan! I could think of no legend for this one. However, I did think of other things a sexed up explorer and a hot martial arts expert could do...

Dora meets el Chupacabra! I thought of the legend "Sucks to be you!" Maybe I'll come up with something better. The pantless one was better, but it was too obvious. Wait, I did just mention a version without pants?
Dora endangered by Diego. The Legend "No, Diego, no!" was pretty obvious. You know, I've always comic covers and their overdone sense of danger. It's like: "Will Bane kill Batman and chew on his mask?" Of course he won't. But you do get a cool image as consolation prize.

Dora faces the wrath of the Mighty B! "Could this BEE real?" This was the point were i ran out of nicktoons I barely knew. I decided to make "B" more into a female character.


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