Announcing: Ultra Crush Siblings

This is an idea that I had in mid-2008, actually: Take the basic premise of Smash Bros.(fast paced non-technical fighter with the characters that folks know and love of a console) and apply it to the Xbox world. I did a comic about it, but never got to scanning it. Now, I am proudly ready to announce I've been working on my Game Maker skills and am finally ready to announce.

Classy Title, eh? My recent drunken attempts at making the game from scratch have resulted in mucha frustration. So I finally got a premade engine. Sure, it's only movement and jumping, but it's a start. Who's gonna be in it? Well, this kind of thing is tentative, since I haven't done nothing yet, But this are more or less the characters I want.

Master Chief

Yeah, shocker, I know. Master Chief is Xbox's Mario, so no duh on this one.


I'm a proud owner of Sudeki, and the game's characters are pretty likeable. among those, though, Buki' s my fave.

Oh, man. Is Liara my Favorite Mass Effect character or what? Sure, Mass Effect ain't KOTOR, in the sense the crew in it ain't all that great to begin with. But Liara stands out.

No, Kasumi isn't my favorite DOA girl. That would be Tina. However, Kasumi is such a postergirl for DOA, that.

Fergie Fudgehog
Viva Niñata is my guilty pleasure. Not the game, but the cartoon, for sure. I thought it would be funny to include a piñata in there.

Grabbed by the Ghoulies wasn't all that bad, I mean, the demo showed promise.

Jack of Blades
Now, Fable's merciless villain may not be the headliner for anything, but it fills a much needed vacuum of villainy.

Brute Force's deadpan Halle Berry-lookalike cyborg sniper. I just mentioned why she should be in it.

HK 47
I didn't choose him because of his awesome quotes. Among all the KOTOR guys, he's the one that felt less redundant.

Marcus Fenix
Confession: As of this writting, I have not yet played Gears of War or it's sequel. But my Smash needed a DOnkey Kong.

Blinx the Cat
I like to think of Blinx as an answer to Kirby. ALthough with much less work required on my part.

Voodoo Vince
Awesome character. His powers have awesome creative possibilities.

No, not the hedgehog. From the critically panned, awefull fighter. Looking like Burton's Batman with a bad hair day, the main problem I see is attacks.

Will I do it? Or with I lose interest and capacity, like my last game? We'll see.


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