Banjo Kazooie: The movie casting!

Banjo Kazooie has a special place in my heart. I probably can't be called a fan, since I only ever passed the first one, and never got all the Jigsaw puzzle pieces. Still, yesterday I began to joke with my brother about who could play the characters in the ficticious animated movie. It started kinda dumb(Ben Affleck as Banjo) but eventually I realized it couldn't be all bad.

So here's my picks on the matter. Behold...OPTIC BLAST!
Banjo and Kazooie

Banjo and Kazooie are a comedy duo: Banjo is a slow, but good natured yokel who is concerned with few things, wheras Kazooie is a smart ass female bird who gets all up in your face.

Voiced By: Brendan Fraser and Nichol Randall Johnson


The antagonist, Gruntilda is a fat ugly witch who lives in a mountain. In a plot stolen straight of Snow White, Gruntilda cannot tolerate being the second prettiest gal in the zone (I'm guessing they just survived a massive uglification bomb) so she steals Banjo's sister to beuty. She's essentially a card carrying villainess.

Voiced By: Judi Dench


Tootie is Banjo's sister. That's all the info I have on her without heading to Wikis.

Voiced by: Georgie henley

Mumbo is a Wich Doctor who aids our main heroes. Robin Williams?


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