Ultra Crush Siblings Developers Diary #1

For one part, I feel nice to be writting a blog called developers diary. Me, a developer! On the other hand...Diaries are for GURLZ!

Yes, it's a report on my works and goings on in the amazing world of making games in Yoyo's Game Maker. The last I wrote I was dropping my self done things and adopting a premade engine(credit Gannon466 (creator)Soulcaliburfan,SemiJuggalo,Xander son of Xereus,ZinDinTimeYUM,& Colton (spriters)Gannon466 (tiles)). I've been working on getting both a workable Enemy characters and a full playable character, plus weapons and powerups. Here's my successess.

  • Grenades! The Player can pick up Plasma grenades and hurl them. They aren't perfect and they don't stick yet, but it plausible
  • COMBO SYSTEM! Pressing the main attack Button during the winddown of the attack results results in different attacks!
  • Health Pickups! Speed Boost! Both the test player character and the opponent can raise their health with Garo fruit(from Brute Force...yeah, I couldn't find pics of Halo Medpacks for some reason) Also, I made a Useless item that sends you flying once taken.
  • "Feeler A.I. system"! The opponent sends "feelers" horizontally and diagonally. If it hits the player, there's a good chance the AI will move in that direction. What's more, the close version of the feelers compells the oponent to strikes. I have it set to "oppenent? Yeah maybe, I dunno whatever!".

Yeah, not really "Back of the Box" material, here, But it I'm sort of trying to establish something playable before going "sprite and stuff" crazy. I think I'm doin' pretty well for m'self. What with the last blog being' almost ten days ago.


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