Top 5 women Marge oughta kiss.

Yeah. I had been waiting for some hot Marge-on-Girl action, and last Sunday's episode of the Simpson's finally delivered, thanks to Homer's lack of insurance led to an imagination of a make out session between corporate shill LIndsay Neagal and Marge Simpson(Couldn't tell you if the episode was any good. Our cable reception for Fox gets bad as soon as the show starts. No Audio.). Still, there are other girls an old perv like me wants to see trade tongues with Marge.

5.Maude Fanders: Now, I know she's dead. But this is the Simpsons. That ain't no scuse. Hell, it could be a secret past story. Oh, Yeah. Maude was always shown as fairly more attractive and well endowed than marge. Oh, yeah, do want. 4.Bernice Hibbert: She's innefectual to the good doctor. Maybe it's because she has her eye out for Marge...I'd love this character, in the sense that is so unknown as to her social characteristic, we could find out she's a serial killer next sunday and we wouldn't bat an eyelash. One of those characters in the series that doesn't have a gimmick and doesn't show up all the time, but is still acknoweledged.

3.Lurleen Lumpkin: Oh, yeah. This southern temptress has her eye out for Homer... OR DOES SHE? No, in this case it's Marge the one who prompts the kissing! If you saw the last ep she was in, then you know what I mean!

2.Ruth Powers.They.Held. HANDS! Though it was all a Thelma and Louise parody, they played it PRETTY straight(or not?).

1.Marge Simpson. Oh, yeah. Marge is hot enought that a clone of her makes the top of the list. Take THAT, Princess Khashmir!

Though, to be fair, Marge doesn't have all that much ego to make out with herself. She is mostly a selfless, giving character, wether she's giving the last slice of pizza up or giving me the gif below. LATER!


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