Self sentered ego stroking ahead!

I watch lots of TGWTG vids. Blame it on a friend who will soon return home. And it's probably a lot of that that led me to Blogging in the first place. I've always wanted to do something like that with videos and characters and acting goofy for clicks. Yet I've yet to fully break from the written form.

And this two seem to have collided. In Linkara's Ultimatum 1-2 review I said regarding the infamous Blob kills/eats Wasp moment...
What can I say? Putting far too much thought into this things is my angle.

Now watch the second video in Linkara's review of the Ultimatum Saga and see what he has to say about this moment after "calming down".

Why it's my own words almost exactly! I don't want to think Linkara got that bit from me but...I can't lie. I totally do want to think that. I need it to feel great. If a super comicsman reviewer that has already started making comics and cameos with people and making memes thinks my comments are worthy of thought, of sight, of repetition, then it makes ME somewhat bigger than before, even if I'm a blogger no one reads, with  five followers on DA and Hentai-Foundry thinks I don't know enough anatomy to be worthy of it. If my comments did not spark your own musing son the nature of that scene, MR Linkara, do not let me know. I need this! If I can't be a shark, let me be the noble remora...


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