Gotham doesn't judge

My father worked at the glass industry. I was like 9 when we moved. He got a job offer from Wayne industries. I didn't like the town. It's a shithole. but there's plenty of work here in the industry.

I grew up into the family business, I guess. By age 15 I was already pretty good at installing the panes, if not at making them. I also learned where the work is. Museums  always need new sets. Every other month, I got called for a museum.

Like, people in this town are really committed to glass dependent architecture. Especially skylights. I don't know why, since this city seems to be in some kind of spooky eternal night. If I was gonna have a Museum here, it's be all steel bars, like  a jail. If I had an ice-cream shop it'd be the same. Gotham's too rough a town for so much glass.

Met my wife here. She works replacing  windows for cars. We have to make the glass in Gotham. The only  thing you can import into this town is crossover events.  Still, she gets a lot of work here too.

Sometimes I get called when it's about repairing old, broken buildings. Lots of those in Gotham. And usually all their windows are broken. Mostly I guess kids being kids.

I'm not sure about Mr Wayne, though. Sometimes I feel he doesn't appreciate me and the work I do. Sure, there's more important people in Gotham.This town has good people. People who don't judge, because they all live in houses with glass ceilings. But when those people look up, they deserve to see something good.


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