Horrendous Theory: Princess Celestia's Biodome

Okay, okay, I already buckled under and fell to the charms of Friendship is Magic.  It's a show with a surprising amount of mythology, for a show that could have just been a series of vapid events that happen to a bunch of airhead ponies and still made money.

There's a creationist story with parallels to the Bible and other deistic writings. What with the world having been in chaos and The Titanomachian  fight of two goddess sisters against an older god and then the subsequent falling out between them. It's good stuff.

But the more I try to analyze the world of Equestria, the less sense it makes.
And if I've learned anything from Ancient Aliens is that if it doesn't make sense, reckless speculation is required.

You see, obvious stuff about sentient little horses that use magic aside, nothing about this world is natural. The Sun and the Moon  must be moved  by Celestia or Luna. The cloud and weather are controlled by Pegasi.

But it gets worse. In the episode Bridle Gossip, the Everfree Forest, which is spoken off with fear every time it's mentioned, is described as such : "Animals fend for themselves, trees grow all on their own, and the clouds move by themselves...it's so unnatural". This means that without the Ponies intervention, no part of  regular biological developments happen. And they're ignorant of this, as well as the existence of such common animals as zebras.
They have to freaking create their own seasons!

You'd think a smiling, ethereally maned, non-stop smiling ruler such as Princess Celestia would care more for fostering the knowledge of her denizens. But come on. She trapped her own sister on the moon.  Anyone who's ever stood in Celestia's path is trapped in something or some form. And you never saw Luna after she became good again, did you? Maybe she's back on the moon. Point is, Celestia's clearly after something, and it isn't the welfare of her denizens.
Yo, dawg, i heard you like the moon, so we put Nightmare Moon on the moon so you can moon while you moon.

You know what I think? I think the whole thing is some kind of crazy Truman Show-esque containment sphere, and the exit is somewhere in the Everfree Forest(it's even got the word free in it!), the only place where consistently dangerous things like Manticores and Bears made of stars exist, probably to keep  the ponypulation from  figuring out the truth. As for where exactly they are, my guess is some kind of space installation. If I had to  guess, I'd say Celestia puts and breeds ponies there so she can find the ones who will defeat  the unknown number of creatures that threaten her and had to be banished in some form or another. Or maybe she's just following orders. You haven't ever seen or heard of who the King and Queen of Equestria are, have you?

I see you, Faust!


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