New Dead or Alive game announced, breasts hinted at.

A new game in the Dead or Alive series was  unveiled earlier, and I couldn't be happier. Tecmo-Koei has been playing it pretty close to the chest, but it's evident this new game is gonna be a funbag.

Dead or Alive 5 is still early, so hopefully development doesn't go tits up. Thank you, Joystiq, for keeping me abreast of the situation. Hopefully Tecmo-Koei won't just milk the name, and have a game that's a loaded chest of options. I might just bounce back into the franchise if it's more than a nip and a tuck.

A teaser, featuring Ninja bros Hayate and Hayabusa, featured  their classic chopping, flipping, and air-supplexing.  And a teaser poster features the bust of a sweaty unknown  woman with the legend, "I'm a fighter".
You know it's an early DOA game when none of the women are there to be shown, yet.

If mammary serves right, the series has been under new management ever since Tomonobu Itagaki abandoned Tecmo, including a game for the DS and a not-really a game for PSP. Whether  this new numbered entry in this series will cause a cleavage of the fanbase, or if fit will have support  is anyone's guess. We await further from Tetmo.


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