Love Letter: Mysterious Power

If you've been in following me for any amount of time, you know I've more than once mentioned Touki Densho: Angel Eyes. It's no accident. It's one of those games that I love and feel they aren't talked about enough.
Fists? Check. Anime eyes and hair? Check. Breasts? Oh, yeah.

Stop me if you've heard this before, but before Tecmo merged with Koei and even before it saved itself from insolvency with Dead or Alive, it made a 2D fighting game featuring an all female cast. It was not, I gather, a success , or at least successful enough to warrant a sequel or to release it in the West. Probably because it was a 2D fighter in a time where the Tekken type 3D brawlers where getting everyone's attention.

However, it was pretty good. The designs where sharp, and the graphics nice and the gameplay was innovative. I wouldn't even be writing about it if I hadn't seen two of it's characters in my early 2K searches for M.U.G.E.N. characters.

And while the other one was good, it's redhead extraordinaire Mysterious Power that convinced me I HAD to try this game.

What? You can read, you know it wasn't Raiya.

Mysterious Power, A.K.A. M Pow A.K.A Mysp is...I English Super Hero woman. Armed with her non-Mysterious energy gun, the self described "Justice Girl" thrives on public adoration and loves to use engrish to the max. Seriously, this shit is hilarious.

This character just has everything that I like in a female fighting game character: upbeat, non-pretentious personality and she's got a sweet costume. Doesn't hurt that she's got a killer bod. But hey, in this industry, it takes more than ass and tits to stand out.

You know, there's elements to a character's personality in a videogame that people take for granted. Through animation, a character is supposed to express more than " I am now punching ". Through animation they are supposed to sell a character. This game and this character are a prime example. Mysterious Power attacks with a confidence and flair that the character engenders.

Just take that street all the way to the end.

I don't know, maybe I'm a sucker for this "foreigner as seen by Japan" characters or something, but, still I just love this character. Sadly, as we've discussed, the game never became a series unlike I guess others. And I don't think the genre revival will have too much of an effect on Koei-Tecmo, who already have the highly succesfull, highly female centric DoA series.

She may be cuter ike this, but keep in mind her gun is bigger too, Still can't fuck with that, homies.

Still, it's a character that, like it's series, is worth remembering in my opinion. Hopefully someone in Tecmo will bring her back in some form, and give those who missed the first outing a second chance. Hopefully they will love her as much as I do.


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