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Anyone who opposes Fluttershy will be destroyed.

As we enter deeper into Fighting Female July, it behooves me to talk about a fan game that was announced while I was out, and was unable to react to.

See, I've always wanted to make a fighting game based around my favorite properties. Used to be Sonic and Disney, then DC and Marvel. I mean, I loved fighting games, and I loved Aladdin. Why not?

I've found even with the difficulty bar lowered, making a game probably still takes more time and skill than one internet addict has. And I'm pretty seasonal. It's why I never finished the Sonichu racing game. I moved on. Well, that and the slowdown.

Heh. It was to be funny.

But whenever I see people out there, toiling away at some cease and desist magnet of a project, I feel they are doing the lord's work. Because we've already had 20 Dragonball games, but no one's rushing to make a new Killer Instinct. They aren't gonna make it. But we need it. It needs to exist. We need to play as She-Ra and we need to play as Mona Lisa, but that's not how the world works.

That's why I wanna give a shout out to the Bronies(still hate the term) at Mane6, who are developing a Friendship is Magic fighting game. I found out while looking up info and tutorials on Fighter Maker 2002, the engine used to create Pokemon Type Wild and Super Strip Fighter IV. The idea crept up in my head slightly before, but you know me and making games. And now I want it. So bad.

And I mean, it makes sense. You have a big cast of characters with differing powers and skills, a wide range of settings and a big fandom. It's not hard to see each character fitting a playstyle. I mean, except for grappling, of course. It's probably possible, though.

However, in keeping with the franchise's theme, It should probably be a tag team game. I mean, pay me no mind, I don't even know if FM2002 can do tag teams and the game is probably halfway planned. Just... I mean, without tag teams, no one is really being friends, unless it's those really rowdy friends that punch each other and watch wrestling.

I am also concerned with balancing. I mean, Pegasi can probably play keepaway all day, and Unicorns can force choke the shit out of somebody, but earth ponies are likely to end low tier. If Celestia or Nightmare Moon step in the ring as playable, you bet your ass shit will be broken.

Dear Princess Celestia: Today I learned that spamming is not nice...bitch.

Outside of the main sextet of height defective horses, the cast is being kept under wraps. But being there are 16 planned characters, I can safely assume they are Spike, Princess Celestia, those fucking Cutie Mark Crusaders, Trixie, Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna,Old Meme Eyes, and the Mayor. And you know how good I am at guessing casts. I know it's not nice to request(I learnt that in Mugen), but can we get some Twist up in this bitch? If not, I guess I'll be gravitating towards Apple Jack the old G and P-T.

Boasting is not nice...but it makes for good winquotes.

Either way, shine on, you crazy ass diamonds. Only two pieces of advice: Remember to back up your files as much as possible, in as many places as possible. That's why we don't have a Valis fighting game right now. And second...don't tell Hasbro you are making it, cuz they will shut it down, for sure. Don't tell Comics Alliance and Topless Robot, cuz they will shine praise, but bring the unwanted attention of the copyright holders. Just keep it between you and me and the rest of the world wide web. Because the world needs it. Nerds need it. I need it. God save you, Mane6: our hopes are pinned on you.


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