Some Characters with the same name (that coudn't be more different)

One of this guys is asking you to be prepared for a coup. The other is asking you to be prepared to put hair on your horns.

Names are fun. I have proven this several times, when I discussed bad names in games twice. But even good names are fun. Sometimes a name is too good to pass up, and more than one person will name something the same. The disparity between the names is what makes the fun. Observe!
 and remember: don't get them confused!


Ultraman is a henshin Superhero in Japan. Capable of growing as high as a skyscraper, his main disadvantage is he can only do so for a limited time.
Ultraman and an enemy debate the quality of Tokyo's streets.

Ultraman is also an evil Superman from another, eviler dimension. He has the same powers as Superman. His only disadvantage is that every other evil Superman has something going for him but him.
Arrowman! Man of Arrows!

Dude at least put on a goatee or something.

Phantom Lady

Phantom Lady is a public domain heroine DC thought it bought, so you can't use her if you haven't the cojones and lawyers to fight them.The daughter of a Senator, she used a sciencey doohickey to blind people and become invisible.
"I thought we'd talked about this, floating device!"

Phantom Lady is also a character on the anime series Angel Blade. The leader of a gang of rapey female mutants, she uses her cartoonishley large breasts to smear milk on most everyone. Oh, forgot to say: This is a porn anime.
I wonder if the Comics Authority would have allowed her self-weaning antics? don't have the best one of these.


Catman is a  a Batman villain so bad he once joined a team of villains who felt they wheren't high profile enought. While this "we dont get punched enought by Batman" mentality seems counterintuitive, it is and  Catman sucks.
I sleep all day and scratch your shoes...evilly!

Catman is also a golden age hero who was raised by a tigress,Tarzan style. And then he got to America and dressed like a cat and punched criminals and had a teen girl sidekick. It a natural segue.

Both are orange. Tabbies aren't scary, damn you!


Scarecrow is a villain from batman, known  for using fear inducing gas on his victim.
Dr Malnitrition was his discarded villain name/theme.

Bus scarecrow is also a villain from Ghost Rider who is known for not being as cool as the other scarecrow. He's a contortionist who can feeds on the fears of men and crows. Scaring crows is actually one of his powers!
"What the...did you just eat my seeds of evil?! My dark harvest is RUINED!"

But here comes a new challenger: there is a public domain Scarecrow as well. He outmundanes them all.
Nazi. No powers. Whip and gun. Boooaring!


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