Ridiculous Star Wars dreamcasting: Bounty hunters

One day people will say "I've done Star Wars" like they now say "I've done Shakespeare"

Episode VII mania is running wild! Everyone is getting asked if they'd participate! And we're several years away from it! J.J. Abrahams is totally directing it!  This obviously calls for some high level wishfull thinking, and obviously I'm the nerfherder for the job.   The problem is, well, we don't even know what characters are gonna be, and they'll probably be mostly new. What I will do is split my suggestions in character types according to Traditional SW lore.

Today we're gonna be looking at bounty hunters. As an inheritance from the  western side of star wars, bounty hunters have become a staple of the franchise, despite  a score of 0 victories. Whether they end up evil or not depends on the writer, but if there must be hired blasters, consider...

Michelle Rodriguez
This is a personal prefference for sure, but I kinda like Michelle Rodriguez. Don't know if I've ever let that on. But beside that, you know she'd be a shoe in for a tough Mandalorian that dies.

Ron Pearlman

Ron Pearlman has an awesome voice, and sort of looks a little ape-ish. I'd put im in ep7 in a heartbeat. Remember, with this characters your not going with Oscar wothy performances. Nice voice, vaguely threatening looks, , done deal.

Dolph Lundgren
Lundgren is always best as a support character. He's got the voice and the physic. Let im on!

Clancy Brown
Clancy Brown's   pretty good as a voice actor. If you must have a masked Bounty hunter whose face no one sees, and he's super smooth, Clancy Brown it is.


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